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21st-Feb-2008 11:26 pm - fandom challenge and a PSA
Just a reminder. I issued an insane little challenge...approx. 23 hours remain to respond.


btw....there is already almost no way in hell i'll actually be able to make all these posts by sunday...zomg, people! lol...but i'm going to try :D otherwise, i will grant myself a 2 day extension because i know you nice people won't mind. :D

ps...don't forget to demand drabbles from bunny, who was much smarter than me and didn't set a time deadline, too. *is evol*

ETA: ATTENTION ALL WOMEN who have trouble finding there g-spots :D you should stop by this very very important discussion at [info]les_bj_anic and look for [info]xie_xie_xie's fabulous comment. that is all. :D
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