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Serenity and It's Where You Are X-Posts

A/N: Brian has a secret addiction to the show Firefly but you don't need to know anything about it other than it was a sort of space cowboy kinda thing, lol. Written for the Summer Gift Quickie at [info]qaf_giftxchnge based on a request for post 513 romance by [info]catalinacat

Justin dropped his bag by the door and his coat on top of it. A few steps in he kicked off his shoes. The house looked dark as he pulled up, but the 'vette was in the drive, so he made his way towards the media room in the back of the house. He passed through the kitchen on his way and grabbed a couple of beers. The faint aroma of microwave popcorn and pot lingered in the air.

He found Brian slouched on a couch, bare feet propped on the coffee table, bowl of popcorn next to him on the couch. Justin plopped down on the couch on his other side, set the beers on the coffee table next to two other empty ones and reached over for a handful of popcorn as Brian watched him, eyebrow raised and silent.

He put the popcorn in his mouth and made a face. "This tastes like shit. There's no butter on it."

Brian's look changed from vaguely surprised and questioning into "duh, what the fuck did you expect?"

"I wasn't planning on sharing it."

"You'd have put butter on it if you knew I was coming?"


Brian turned back to the tv. Justin attempted to pay attention for 2.3 seconds until he realized Brian was watching fucking Firefly. Again. Justin rolled his eyes, slid off the couch and on to his knees in front of Brian, smiling with satisfaction as his cock slowly began to fill before he even had it pulled completely free of Brian's jeans.

His hand lightly fondled his balls, then slowly, softly stroked up Brian's shaft. He heard the the tv turn off behind him, and seconds later fingers threaded through his hair and pulled his head back.

"What are you doing here?"

"Saving you from a boring night home alone as you drown your sorrows in popcorn and beer," Brian glared at him and Justin grinned, they both know that if Brian was actually drowning his sorrows it wouldn't be in a bottle of beer and popcorn, "and watch episodes of Serenity." Justin knows it's not Serenity but he says it anyway.

"The show was called Firefly. Serenity was the movie." Brian said with a trace of annoyance as his hand tightens on the soft strands. Justin snickered on the inside, as he followed the pull on his hair and found himself straddling Brian's lap and sucking on his lower lip.

That's as far as their conversation progressed until the next morning when Brian is fucking him in the shower and asks once again in a series of grunts, "Why...aren' York?"

He's pretty sure Justin attempts to answer, but it comes out incoherently as Justin comes all over the shower wall. Brian stiffens, holding himself deep inside of Justin as he finds release too and forgets he asked because just then, he doesn't really care.

On Saturday afternoon, during a pause in the playing of episode eleven, because he told Justin to shut up while they were watching and that somehow ended with him giving Justin a blow job and then both of them standing in the kitchen arguing about putting butter on the popcorn, he learns Justin is home because he has finished the last piece he was working on for his next show and doesn't really need to be there anymore until he has to go back in two weeks to get everything set for the opening.

All through the rest of episode eleven Brian refuses offers of butter slathered popcorn but by the end of episode twelve the bowl is empty and sitting not far from Justin's head as he sucks a slightly buttered flavored finger into his mouth. Using his tongue to coat it with spit before Brian takes it back and circles the wet digit around his hole, then presses it inside, as his mouth slides effortlessly down Justin's cock.

As Justin dozes off, following two blow-jobs, one fuck, and three orgasms in under two and a half hours, he hears "Take my love, take my land, Take me where I cannot stand," and wonders if Brian is wearing him out on purpose.

When he wakes up later the house is dark, so is the tv and Brian's arm is wrapped around him as his breath softly ruffles the hair on the top of his head.

Brian finds him in his studio a few hours later and inquires if he'd like to join him in a night of dancing and debauchery. Justin has been humming that fucking theme song for the last two hours and it's doing shit for his creative process so he agrees.

Later they both stink of sweat and booze and sex and other men and Brian is a little drunk and Justin is a lot high so they decide to crash at the loft. As they fall into bed Brian thinks that they really ought to sell this place and Justin thinks he's glad they haven't.

In the morning when Justin mentions that he'd like to swing by his mom's Brian brings up asking Jennifer to put the loft back on the market.

When Justin starts to object, Brian slides his hand behind his neck and kisses him softly, then rests his forehead against Justin's and whispers that it's just a place, and they don't need two homes in the Pitts.

"I know we don't need we need to sell it?"

Brian shakes his head, "No, but if we sold it, it would free up enough money for a sizable down-payment on a loft in New York."

Justin isn't sure what to say to that.

After visiting his mom he swings by The Red Cape to pick up Brian. Michael is talking to a customer and Brian is flipping through a comic. Justin recognizes the character on the cover and snorts.

"They have comics for it too? Shiny."

Brian snaps it shut, folds it half and whacks Justin on the ass with it, while Michael yells at him about creases and depreciation.

It's late when they get home from dinner at Deb's and they are both quiet.

"Did you finish all the episodes?"

Brian nods.

"Did you watch the movie?"


"Let's watch it."

"I've got shit to do before tomorrow."

"Come on, I've never seen the whole thing." Sensing continued reluctance, "I'll blow you."

Laughing, Brian says, "That's pretty much the reason why you've never seen the whole thing before."

"I'll blow you afterwards. And make butterless popcorn."

Just as the movies starts, Justin, somewhat predictably starts talking, "So if you had a home in New York, would you plan on living in it?"

Brian hit pause. "On occasion."

"You mean for like short weekend visits here and there, because I do have an apartment that we seem to fit ok in when you visit."

"Yes but maybe if we had place big enough for some of my shit and a small office, and king sized bed, I might be inclined to live in it for more than a weekend here and there."

"But what about Kinnetik, and Babylon, and Gus, and everything else."

"I'm not planning on leaving here, but Justin i've had to fly in and out of New York seven times in eight weeks either for business or to see you and it would be a lot fucking easier to just be there on a more regular basis."

"But what if you get the urge to watch your lame space cowboy show and you are in New York and it's here?"

"Justin, I'm pretty sure that if we can afford a loft in New York, we can afford an extra copy of Firefly. Besides, if we sell the loft here, I can just move the copy from there."

Justin snickered, "You keep a copy at the loft?"

"Whatever. You should be much more concerned about my plans to duplicate my wardrobe."

"Yes, god forbid you be in New York and accidently leave your brown Prada loaffers here."

"Exactly," Brian replied, grabbing the remote. He didn't get the chance to hit play before Justin tackled him and pinned him down on the couch.

"We are really going to do this? No more just a weekend here and there? Whole weeks here and there at a time?"

Brian answered by dropping the remote, pulling Justin down and kissing the shit out of him. Serenity could wait.

It's Where You Are
A/N: PG ficlet, a sequel to Serenity. Written for the Kissing Contest at [info]qaf_scavenger.

I stood outside the wide up door and watched Brian moving through the empty space. I rolled my eyes when I realized he wasn't exploring every last nook and cranny out of sentimentality, but rather was carefully inspecting the place to be sure nothing had been forgotten.

The movers had come three days ago and Brian had left the oversight of the clearing out of the loft in my hands, much to his dismay. A last minute disaster on an account and an unexpected trip to the west coast, and Brian had relented.

He stopped in front the enormous windows, bathed in light, and acknowledged my presence without turning around.

"Where's your Mommy?"

"Waiting downstairs."

He turned and started walking towards me as I finally stepped inside, "No time for one last fuck then?"

I shook my head, smiling, but felt a twinge of regret at not arranging to get here a bit earlier.

Brian laughed at the expression on my face, "Good thing we took advantage of all our favorite surface areas before I left."

I reached my hand up, cupping the back of his head and softly pressed my lips against his. As I pulled back he sighed and pressed his forehead against mine, eyes shut, and silent. He seemed hesitant to move, as if willing time to stand still. But it never does.

Finally, I broke the contact and wanting to give him the space he seemed to need to say goodbye on his own, I murmured that I would meet him downstairs. When I turned to go his hand closed tightly around my wrist, pulling me back towards him.

His lips sought mine, kissing me gently, exploring my mouth like we had all the time in the world and absolutely nothing else to do for the rest of our lives. This time he leaned back away from the kiss first. A hint of a smile playing around the corners of his lips, and his hand still firmly around my wrist he pulled me out the door and down the stairs without a backward glance.
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Sep. 7th, 2008 10:10 am (UTC)
The second ficlet is so sweetly sentimental. Despite Brian's gruffness about life, I know that man would be a bit sad to leave his first (I believe) true home behind. A home made even more so by finding his one true love.

Well done, NY.
Sep. 7th, 2008 10:56 am (UTC)
thank you very much snow. :D i hope things are a bit better for you. i don't get to LJ much and I was cruising through my flist very fast last night over there and saw a post that looked like you were maybe having a bit of a rough time. I hope today is better day. *hugs*
Sep. 7th, 2008 11:08 am (UTC)
I felt better yesterday. Today Tropical Storm Hanna or her remnants are going through and I feel blah - I need lots of sunshine when life sucks.

Thanks for asking, NY. I'm trying to be pro-active about my future. I don't take being treated poorly lying down. :)

Sep. 7th, 2008 03:47 pm (UTC)
take care of yourself and be strong. *hugs*
Sep. 7th, 2008 12:10 pm (UTC)
Cute and romantical in the bestest non-sappy way. And I love when Brian is dorky :D I don't have a Firefly icon, this is the closest I can get. I do have the series on dvd though and I will get round to watching it um...eventually. :p

The second part was just lovely. Brian selling the loft usually makes me kinda sad, but those last three paragraphs made it all better. ♥
Sep. 7th, 2008 03:46 pm (UTC)
thanks for the lovely feedback. and you should watch firefly, at first i was like, this is a weird concept, yo...but the series really is brilliant. and i totally think it would appeal to brian's inner dork.
Sep. 7th, 2008 08:01 pm (UTC)
I really should give it another try, I know. I totally love Joss stuff and I have seen Serenity and enjoyed it. But I attempted to watch the series when I first got it and didn't even get to the end of the first episode and was all, 'meh'. I've heard it gets better after that though, right?
Sep. 17th, 2008 02:54 pm (UTC)
I never commented on this 'cause I forgot to-- I'm always forgetting to comment after I read something. I know, I'm horrible.

Anyway, these two stories are lovely. The second one was sweet and sad. And the first one... I'm starting to get into Firefly and thinking about Brian loving a brilliant show like that... it's cute. And I got the shiny reference. :)
Sep. 17th, 2008 03:22 pm (UTC)
Well thanks for commenting now :D it is always very appreciated to get them, anytime.

i totally think brian would like firefly. hee.
Sep. 27th, 2010 02:30 am (UTC)

From 6frog

I love these two fics which I have only just found.
I couldn't work out how to friend you so maybe you don't want people to friend you but if you do I would be happy to have updates on when you write other fics.

Love from 6frog ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Oct. 23rd, 2010 03:07 pm (UTC)

Re: From 6frog

I just now saw this comment. Thank you for leaving it. I have no problem with people friending me.