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19th-Oct-2017 08:18 pm - We brought Thumper home
Finally went and picked up Thumper for the last time. *sniff*

He's in the white tin. I almost lost it in the car -- the company that does the cremation included a sympathy card in addition to the death certificate.
19th-Oct-2017 01:24 pm - New Addition to Fiction Index
If anyone is interested I added a new addition to my fiction index. it's qaf of course, and written for the the qaf_giftxchnge

The Proper Way To Say Goodbye NC-17. End of Season 4 Gapfiller.
19th-Oct-2017 01:24 pm - A couple short fics
I wrote a couple of fics. If anyone would like the they are :D

Serenity: Brian has a thing for Firefly and Serenity. Proposes living in NY and The Pitts. Written for qaf_giftxchnge based on the request for post 513 romance by catalinacat

It's Where You Are: Sequel to Serenity Last trip to the loft. Written for Kissing Contest at qaf_scavenger.
19th-Oct-2017 01:24 pm - My Feed! lol.
creating a feed feels a little pretentious to me. don't ask me why, but it does. Like why would anyone care enough about what i'm posting to make this necessary? However, a few friends now have asked for it. So i'm caving to pressure. all you have to do is click this link and voila, a feed of my IJ in summary form will show up on your LJ flist. Now if only i could get some of the people at LJ to do the same.

Ny's RSS Feed, Click to Friend Me

if any of you over here ever decide to be so kind as to create feeds, let me know and i will add them. it would be nice. it would rock actually. you will totally get good karma points.

take care!

and thanks to xie_xie_xie for showing me how to do this!
16th-Oct-2017 11:09 am - Guess who actually rested?
Yep that's right. Me. Well, mostly. At least I feel better than I did.

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16th-Oct-2017 10:11 am - More Walktober Stuffs
Massive photo dump. We toured a nearby town hall that was completed in 1873 and is still in use today as a town hall. There are 30 some photos here; most of it is historical architecture if you're interested in that sort of thing, but beware. Lots of photos.

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10th-Oct-2017 02:11 pm - How and Shutterstock are screwing their customers
Last month, without any warning, the stock photo service I've used for at least 10 years made a small, nearly-unnoticeable change that very efficiently sucks money out of their customers' accounts. They offer stock images in a variety of file sizes. Because I purchase them almost exclusively for use on the web, I have always bought the smallest and least expensive file size. For as long as I can recall, that was the size that was set as the default when I'd go to purchase an image. Sometime in September, that changed. I noticed that an image I was using on a blog post for a client was taking a really long time to upload. No wonder -- it was huge. I went and looked at my download history at, and saw that every image I'd purchased for the...
9th-Oct-2017 12:12 pm - Photos!
First some of bear-Ianto at the matinee of The Sunshine Boys:

Sorry for the poor quality. This stage wasn't the best for getting photos, but you can see somewhat Ianto and the painting job sibling and I did for the set. T-- added in some cracks and peels on Wednesday I think which was lovely of her because stenciling takes a lot.

And behind the cut, photos of when we were at Huntington Homestead

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8th-Oct-2017 10:53 am - Not just a long day, but a long week
First a bit of ugly because my director is apparently far from done.

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I have to leave in half an hour, but it's nice to think that soon we'll be done with this play. I'm super exhausted.

Tomorrow I plan to do nothing. Thinking about it, I think it might be the first true day off for me since the beginning of September. I went from being unemployed to working solely on this play. There might have been a few Sundays last month I had off, but I can't rightly remember anymore since this play has consumed so much of my time.

Sibling and I picked up some nice foods for tomorrow (starting with a nice breakfast -- roast beef from the deli to go in the eggs and nice home fries; homemade tomato sauce and pasta; some nice chicken for sandwiches) and I have some comic books that I'm going to catch up on. Or I'll read the cosy mystery I've been wanting to read for the last month plus. And fingers crossed that I'll get booked for work tomorrow.
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