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20th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - daymare: Word of the Day
daymare: a distressing experience, similar to a bad dream, occurring while one is awake.
19th-Aug-2017 01:56 pm - And it's only 2 PM
It occurs to me that I should be putting these behind a cut for those who wish not to get drawn in. Sorry.

things )
19th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - theine: Word of the Day
theine: caffeine, especially in tea.
18th-Aug-2017 04:46 pm - Update in the room mate situation
So. I have found out that room mate hasn't been paying the bills for MONTHS.
She has a $654 bill as a result. As I expected, this month's add in is what I used to use in my old apartment, but because of her not paying the bill, her budget is $200 so she can come even with what she owes. AND SHE WANTS ME TO HELP OUT??
She also hasn't been paying the oil and gas. I TOLD HER ALMOST A YEAR AGO THAT IF SHE PAID A LITTLE EACH MONTH, SHE WOULDN'T OWE A THING WHEN THE BILL CAME DUE. It's how I paid for my heating.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Uhm? Let's think.
And now she's crying. Fucking a.
Kids, do not grow up and behave like this. Please.
18th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - confabulate: Word of the Day
confabulate: to converse informally; chat.
17th-Aug-2017 02:40 pm - Justin goes to art school in another country
I think is is Ireland and he starts seeing someone while on tour? with the art school. Brian comes to visit and stays in touch. Not really a lot to go on but hopefully someone knows what story this is. Thank you in advance!!
17th-Aug-2017 09:10 am - Fanfic downloader
Hey guys, me again...
Any of you kindred souls using iPad to read fanfic? Also downloading to read later offline on holiday?
Most people use downloadable pdfs but those don't work with iPad mini because of the unadjustable font size. I tried but ended up with fics only ants and pixies can read.
Alas, I am looking for a good downloader.
There were some recommended years ago, but those don't exist anymore. The ones on AppStore only work with, which site isn't the best for Qaf fandom. Still, I tested "Read Up" (faulty, couldn't even start), "Pocket Fiction" (crashes every 10 minutes, crappy interface), and "FanFiction" (looks promising, although it has been syncing for over an hour now).
So I am hoping someone better versed in technology can recommend one that works with Qaf fanfic sites, too.
There are great fics you just must read, but they are oftentimes untagged and infrequently updated, so extracting them manually from lj chapter by chapter can really be a nuisance.
Oh, how I long for a "fic magnet" that just pulls the relevant parts, formatted and chaptered, no ads of course...
Any of you guys know of such a thing, or feel like making one? :-D

No downloader on the horizon yet, but after some nudging from the helpful dzmom I checked other options (duh!) and realized that the new Adobe Acrobat Reader actually has a feature called "reading mode" where you can increase text size! So I guess working around the problem is the way to go. On to pdfs!
17th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - kibitzer: Word of the Day
kibitzer: a giver of uninvited or unwanted advice.
16th-Aug-2017 11:03 pm - So this just happened
I just got an email from my room mate. She can't pay me or my sibling any more for cleaning or mowing. So that's cut out of my income. And hey "I know that we agreed that your rent covers utilities, too, but I need more money because everyone I've spoken with says that my sibling and I should be paying for 2/3 of it." AKA "I'm cutting your income and raising your rent."

This while she isn't cancelling her cable bill. While she still has a landline. In a house where the heating and cooling is being lost because the electricity, the plumbing, the insulation hasn't been update in... I don't even know when. If the utilities are high, it's because the house needs repairs done. And the repairs should be covered by her dad's trust as he's still alive and still owns the house. It was this bad while he was here. Update it and then we can talk about utilities I say and I think that is more than reasonable.

Also her budget cannot have figured into have a brand new car with the associated taxes. And then adding in another car. Neither of which I had a hand in choosing. So yes I drive the car, but I pay half of the car payment and if it had been up to me, I'd have chosen something more reasonable. I'm not the one who didn't budget before figuring in the cars.

She gets more than half of my income. And now she wants to cut it in addition to asking for more money without addressing her own bills first.

I can't...

I can't even figure out this logic. I can't.

Help would be appreciated.

(And it's... This week is upsetting already. After heading into from the weekend. And being constantly reminded that I could loose my job at any point. After the fucking president has declared to be in support of fucking Nazis. And she has the gall to say that she knows I'm already stressed and over worked. If she charges me much more in rent, I'll have no choice but to get a second job.

And I feel so fucking mad because... Ok. Look. I'll own that maybe I should have done some more investigating before moving in, but she's someone I've known for a while and she's known at the theater and she presented herself in such a way that one thought that she had her budget together and her home was a good place to live. And I told her before we moved in that my dad was worried -- what happens if this turns out to not be such a good place? What was my plan? And she agreed with me that it would be okay. She's backing away from those promises and assurances and I'm stuck feeling like everyone is telling me "I told you so".)

Update: she got my email back asking her to cancel the god damn cable and landline before raising my rent. Fixing the god damn plumbing and insulation and electrical wiring before raising my utilities. Me explaining that I feel that my sibling and I are being blamed for her lack of budgeting and planning and her dad not updating the house.

And we've come to near hostilities.

And I can't even bring myself to care.

I've lived this once -- someone only telling others half the story. Refusing to own their own shit and tackling others about theirs or asking more of others before checking their own foundation is intact. I've lived this. Through the passive agressive attitude. Blaming me for their inadequacies. I'm not backing down this time.

(I am so fucking tired of this bullshit. OWN YOUR SHIT PEOPLE.)

(And here's my fucking anxiety attack.)

Last update:

So. I did some maths. Because you know that's always fun.

Let's say cutting sibling's and my pay for cleaning and let's get rid of the car I drive (not ideal having one car, but we can deal I think) and we'll count those as the rent increase.

Gain $330

And if she gets rid of the cable and the landline, she saves $140

Which altogether comes out to be $470.

16th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - paludal: Word of the Day
paludal: of or relating to marshes.
15th-Aug-2017 04:38 pm - 1daftpunk fics
Hello peeps,

I've read about 1daftpunk's fics in a few places, then recently came across one of their fics that was written for charity and I'm so hooked on their style of writing. Would love to read more of their stuff but the journal is unfortunately flocked and I'm not sure if my messages are being delivered. Does anyone have access to these fics and would be willing to share?

Many thanks, and sincere apologies if this is an unacceptable request.
13th-Aug-2017 08:27 pm - St. Margaret's Academy - A Supernatural High School RPG
St. Margaret's Academy - A Supernatural High School RPG )
15th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - ululate: Word of the Day
ululate: to lament loudly and shrilly.
14th-Aug-2017 08:07 pm - Brian falls in love with justin first/wants more than one nightstands
I'm looking for fics where Brian falls in love with justin first or wants a relationship with him while justin either doesn't show intrest or he's not ready or something along those lines
14th-Aug-2017 07:31 am - 2017 Tags Request Post
Comment here with tags you'll need for 2017! Fandom, type of entry, etc.


2017 art
2017 banners
2017 femmeslash
2017 fic
2017 het
2017 icons
2017 non-ij posts
2017 original
2017 slash
2017 vid

2017 Doctor Who
2017 Harry Potter
2017 South Park
2017 The Flash

(If you're just joining us, more info about BBTP can be found here.)
14th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - iconoclastic: Word of the Day
iconoclastic: attacking or ignoring cherished beliefs and long-held traditions, etc., as being based on error, superstition, or lack of creativity.
12th-Aug-2017 05:29 pm - Fanfiction: The Night Before
Fandom: Merlin
Title: The Night Before
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Word Count: 421
Beta: none
Summary: Tomorrow's a big day and Arthur can't sleep. (Modern AU.)
Warnings: None
Contains: None
Disclaimer: I own nothing; I make no money from this. Merlin belongs to the BBC, et. al.
A/N: This is for prompt 274 at [info]camelot_drabble. (My first in eight months!!) First posted there.

The_Night_Before )
12th-Aug-2017 02:42 pm - Stuffs
Before I start If you are in New Orleans or Charlottesville, take care of yourself! Be safe.

the_not_so_fun_stuff_first )


other_stuff_going_on )
12th-Aug-2017 12:00 am - sapiosexual: Word of the Day
sapiosexual: a person who finds intelligence to be a sexually attractive quality in others.
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