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11th-Feb-2008 09:52 pm - Episode 105 - I like dick. I like getting fucked by dick. (well not so much, but YAY Justin! hee!)
I really love this episode. For many reasons. Because of this, i really want to stay up and discuss it over at [info]qaf_marathons but i promised myself i wouldn't because i'm exhausted to the point of mental trauma.

so i'm going to bed.

but i can't wait to read and respond to what you all have to say tomorrow.

it's funny, this week and last week i was stressed out the day of the post, but watching and commenting made me feel so happy.

*goes off to bed to contemplate my melanie and lindsay love in this episode*

10th-Feb-2008 04:55 pm - 105 icons
*sleepy smile* I got my ADD under control enough today to actually go through a tutorial, one of [info]ohfreckle's. Um...why didn't I ever do that before? I would have saved myself a lot of headache. I think I might have learned a thing or two or twenty.

Anyway, I hope to put up a few more icons before tomorrow, but since i was at work at 5:50am both days this weekend, and only got about 4.5 hours of sleep each night. I'm not sure I'm gonna make it. So I thought I'd at least post what I have so far. They still have some issues, but they are much better then they were before i picked up some tips from the tutorial. So I'm quite happy :D

105 Icons




hmm...i'm sensing some kind of theme with Brian in this episode. :D I'm sure it will discussed in a deep and meaningful way tomorrow at [info]qaf_marathons when we view 105. And if you are need of more 105 icons, check out the post on [info]brianslave68's journal and [info]ohfreckle's Brilliant 105 Icon Recap on her LJ.
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