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8th-Dec-2007 05:20 pm - 116 is the BEST episode EVER!!
Well, mostly i just think that because it is the episode i'm watching right this minute and it is Oh. So. Good. So yeah, under the cut, you will pretty much just find me squeeing about the episode.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I love this episode in no particular order )

ETA: I lied, episodes 117 and 118 are Also the BEST EPISODES EVER. :D mini-marathons when you are home sick and everyone else is outta the house RULE! And 118 beginning with Justin pooh poohing couples making out on the dance floor and then ending with Brian and Justin making out on the dance floor = WIN :D well ok...the actual ending = WIN too, Justin sketching in his room, but the other part is very close to then end of the episode, so you know what I mean. SUN
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