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25th-May-2008 07:03 pm - Do you know what tomorrow is?

hehe. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! it's time for the KING OF BABYLON, Baby! If you can't find something to squee about from this episode, what are you doing on my flist? seriously...go away! :X

In preparation for tomorrow night's episode at [info]qaf_marathons I have made some icons, because there is no such thing as enough. However, I have skipped over dancing, sexy as hell, kicking ass and taking names Justin for the most part, because, well, there are 19031283219081023890 icons of him. Instead I focused on what is actually my favorite scene of the episode, the diner at the end. Because, who can resist Jealous-is-for-lesbians-not-me-i'm-totally-disinterested-in-justin-fucking-my-trick-in-the-backroom-and-winning-KOB!Brian and I-told-him-he-could-see-me-in-my-dreams-deadly-smile-while-i-slowly-look-into-your-eyes-and-ensnare-you-with-my-justin-ness!justin? *giggles* confused? see icons, kthnx.

do you need teasers after all that?

Icons with lame commentary :D )
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