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1st-Jan-2009 09:46 am - It's that time of year.
Resolutions/Goals for 2009:

1. Finally write a multi-chapter fic.
2. Keep up with Marathons on Tuesdays on a more regular basis than the last few months.
3. Spend less money at restaurants.
4. Cook more.
5. Use my stove once a week (still haven't even once).
6. Consume less sugar.
7. Put money in my savings account and leave it there.
8. Install a graphics program on my computer and use it.
9. Call my mom more.
10. Get a pet.
11. Go to one movie a month.
12. Go to the Ballet at least once this year.
13, See at least one play.
14. Spend more quality time with nieces.
15. Write at least one drabble per prompt.

And last but not least. Actually stick to my resolutions and goals. Hee.

I'm sure there are more, but these will do for now. I'm hoping for at least 100% success for January. 80% success for February. 60% success for March. And 50% success for the whole year. I mean, let's be realistic. :D
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