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Jan. 1st, 2011

Goals for 2011

I was going to review my goals for 2010 but basically I only accomplished like 2 of them and several went even worse in 2010.

That kind of sucks. But that won't keep me from setting some for this year. Even though I'm now feeling pretty bad about myself after looking at last years.

So for 2011:

1. Be more organized. This was a bad bad year for organization.
2. Get caught up on all the comics I've already purchased. Why buy them if I'm not going to read them?
3. Be better about keeping the house clean. It hasn't been awful, but it sure could be better. Especially the dishes.
4. Exercise more. The perpetual one on my list. But I believe I'm heavier today than I was 1-1-10 which is bad in so many ways.
5. Eat better. I need to. C needs to. Our health can't take another year like this one. Fruits and Veggies must play a bigger role and so must portion control.
6. Spend less money on things I don't really need.
7. And this one is going to be really hard, give up soda.
8. Take better care of my pets. Be more consistent with the rats. More play time for Sassy.
9. Be more motivated.
10. Re-assess friendships. Put more effort into those that make my life better, and stop trying to maintain those that just make me feel bad.
11. Finally. Remind myself of this list when I'm going off track. And remember how crappy it felt to look at last year's list and know I failed so badly.
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