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27th-Sep-2008 10:06 pm - Revelations and Riz!fic
1. watching s2 doesn't hurt nearly as much when you break it into chunks and analyze them.

2. 219 is up at [info]qaf_marathons and it's really gotten me thinking far more clearly about somethings than i ever had before.

3. Ethan is my new hero. Seriously. He saved Brian and Justin, yo. I don't like him. But I very much thank him for coming along when he did.

4. I have been reading Riz!fic to help get me through s2. Specifically Caprice. But then I finished Caprice because WOE it was only like 500,000 words. TOO SHORT!

5. It's sequel, Ritorna A Me, is 2x's as long. SQUEE! I started it tonight. It should see me through till at least 302, which we all know is my happy place.

6. Ironically. I've never been more assured of TEH LOVE in my life.
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