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Jul. 6th, 2015

The BIG Problem with 513

There is a BIG problem with 513 BIG PROBLEM. And it isn't what you think it is.

You should help me discuss it over at [info]oaf_coffeeclub.


Jun. 24th, 2015


Thoughts while rewatching 513 this evening:

1. I remember when the "Its only time" speech made me so sad. Now it makes me laugh so hard. Omg he is such a drama queen.

2. My only real complaint about the last episode is that aesthetically, I don't love the sex scene.

3. I wouldn't change the ending. Brian in the strongest space he's ever been mentally, is kind of perfect. He really can't dance, but that doesn't stop the last scene from being absolutely gorgeous.

Also, and I've had this thought many times, not just tonight: I'm certain that a few months after Melanie and Lindsay moved to Toronto and marriage became legal in Massachusetts, they had second thoughts about moving to Toronto. I'm certain that since they were already in Toronto, they decided to give it their all. I'm certain that roughly a year later, after realizing they could be much closer to everyone in western Massachusetts, and Melanie could practice law, and that their marriage would still be recognized, they moved to Massachusetts. And they built a beautiful life there.

Sep. 29th, 2009

If You Love 512/513...

I love how QaF ended, I do. Do you?

I already had a verbal love fest in my journal. Now I'm going to have a pictoral one. I could choose many an image, but i'm going these today. Maybe more later when I finish packing. :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

QaF Ponderings

C and I finished watching QaF finally last night. I felt a little sad. But not because of how it was ending. Just that same sadness I feel everytime I've watched from start to finish. Saddness that it's over.

But I also experienced something I've never had before. 0 angst over the ending. I've been embracing the ending for years now. After that first initial WHAT? But i've still always felt a twinge of angst. Now there was none.

I can honestly say I LOVED THE ENDING. It was perfect. Not sort of perfect. Just perfect.

How anyone watches it and thinks that where the b/j story ends I will never understand. Nothing about that episode speaks of an ending of B/J to me. There is only a really beautiful new begining. Like they've finally gotten it right.

this where I descend into some badly written meta-ish thoughts about why i like the ending )

Aug. 30th, 2008

513 and "It's Only Time" love

I'm having a rough week.

So my mind is a bit crazy. And yet I need to finish my quite late gift fic and have found it impossible because I can't feel or hear TEH LOVE anywhere in my chaotic mind at the moment. So tonight I'm up and staying up into the wee hours until i fucking find it and write a god damn fic.

I decided to focus on something that reminds me of TEH LOVE to get me back into the groove and my mind turned to this speech:

You don't know that. Neither do I. Whether we see each other next week, next month, never again, it doesn't matter. It's only time.

This speech makes me fucking squee. I know a lot of people don't like it. But I don't know why.

You don't know that.
On the one hand it's true. Things might come up a visit here or there might be missed but on the whole...Oh Brian. Justin does so know it. What Justin wants. Justin gets, yo.

Neither do I.
Oh Brian. Yes you do. Stop reverting to the comfortable old habit of disbelief in the power of love. You want to know how I know you know you'll see each other? Read on.

Whether we see each other next week
Dude, Brian is so totally clearly already planning out a weekly visitation schedule. I mean, Justin is moving to fucking New York and Brian doesn't think it's impossible to imagine seeing him next week, he is clearly entertaining the possibility here. That's like major Brian progress.

nex month
n.b. Brian's next thought, if he isn't seeing Justin next week, is that he will be seeing him next month. I mean from next month to never again is a pretty huge leap, saying next year here might have made more sense, but no, because seriously Brian can't imagine not seeing justin for more than a month.

or never again.
BWHAHHAHAHAHA oh Brian, how I love thee and thy overly dramatical drama queen ways!

It doesn't matter.
in transaltion - justin you could leave me a thousand times. you could leave me for good. i could never see you again and it wouldn't change anything for me because i'm never going to love anyone else like this.

It's only time.
in translation - However long it takes, for you and I to get to the same place again, it's fine, it's only time, and I can wait it out.

It's cheesey and adorkable and overly dramatical and ridiculously romantic and SO FUCKING BRIAN...and in the end it only tells us, and Justin, everything we, and he, already knew.

And I know this isn't a perfect interpretation of the declaration and probably reads way too much into it...but it's mine...and it's what I hear every time he says it. so there!!

*loves me some 513*

now i'm going to go get some coffee at starbucks because it's 12am and try to finish this fucking fic so sanami doesn't hate me forever. :D

ETA: People. Brian and Justin's love story isn't tied in a neat little bow at the end, because real love never ever comes packaged that way, and their love is real.
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