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21st-Jul-2008 06:37 pm - The Story of :D




You will likely never see one from me that doesn't contain a :D.

Ever wonder why? Probably not. Oh well. I will tell you anyway.

In real life I can't do :D this.

i don't mean it in some sad metaphoric way. I mean I can't actually smile and have it look like a smile. It's physically impossible.

The natural relaxed shape of my mouth looks like this: : (

People always think I'm frowning.

Even when I'm smiling. They still think I'm frowning.

And when I have a huge grin. It doesn't look like it at all. At best it looks like this : l

This is particularly aggravating to me, because on the inside I'm smiling like 90% of the time. It's because I'm always cracking up. I have a very good sense of humor and i'm easily amused by life. Even when I'm horrendously depressed. I still will crack up pretty easily. It's why it is hard for the people in real life to tell when I'm actually depressed. Either that or they think I always am because they've never seen me smile.

so yeah. :D reflects how it would be if my outside matched my inside. It really does take very little to make me smile. In real life people don't have any idea that that is true. On here you get to see it all the time.

ps...this post was totally spawned by a conversation elsewhere today that has made me think about how it's a bit crazy how we all judged on here purely on the basis of tiny little letters and characters. and the realization that maybe some person out there is out there thinking some random thought about me because I do this - :D - A LOT!

*wonders what people think about the fact that i go around doing this - *licks* - all the time too*
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