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25th-Aug-2009 11:37 am - AIDS Walk Wisconsin
I know everyone's pocketbooks are tight. Including mine. But I'm doing the AIDSWalk Wisconsin again this year and will gladly accept the sponsorship of anyone who would like to donate. You can donate a dollar if you like. I don't care. If everyone on my flist donated just $1 that would be $170, yo. :D

If you are interested drop me a comment and I will give you the link to my participant page. It's very easy to donate online. Or if you'd rather do cash or check I can let you know where to send it privately.

This year I'm not only walking but acting as a team leader to inspire friends and loved ones to participate. So I have a personal and team goal to meet. I've thus far convinced my sister, my niece, and my partner to join. Wish us luck.
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