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Jan. 31st, 2009

Where Ny Hangs

Fandom Essentials:
[info]qaf_comingout: A QaF fandom welcoming community where you can find useful resource posts not just for the QaF fandom, but also for Insane Journal and journal posting in general.
[info]qaf_coffeeclub: A place to discuss fanfiction - characterization, timelines, etc. as well as more general topics relating to the show such as "what is your all time favorite moment" or "which is better season 1 hair or season 3 hair?" you get the idea. No? Scroll through a page of recent posts and you will.
[info]making_qaf: A place to discuss behind the scenes aspects of QaF and more.
[info]queer_as_news: Find out what is happening currently in fandom.
[info]qaf_marathons: Have an arc you want to discuss? Marathon it here and talk about it with fellow fans. Also hosts an ongoing full series marathon on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST, we are currently in season 3.
[info]qaf_bunnies: Is there a fic, an icon, a vid or some other fandom goodie you are dying to have? Post your request here, maybe you'll get lucky.

[info]_love_qaf_fic: A place to post and archive all your QaF fanfiction. Or a place to read it.
[info]qaf_drabbles: Stories in 100 words. A community with weekly drabble challenges. (probably our fandom's most active comm)
[info]bj_action: A PWP writing community, celebrating teh love through porn with different themes.
[info]qaf_challenges: A Qaf writing challenge community with lots of participants. The memories are filled with awesome fic.
[info]qaf_retread: A community that provides recs of fandom classics, both old and new.
[info]qaf_crackfic: A place to rec and discuss the crack!fic.
[info]fic_finder: Can't find a fic? Ask here. Not limited to QaF.

The Audio Visual Realm:
[info]iconics: Vote for your favorite icons in various categories and show your favorite icon makers some love.
[info]qaf_icons: A place for graphic artists to post their tiny works of art. Also has monthly themes and challenges.
[info]qaf_art_dept: Post your larger scale graphics here.
[info]qaf_vids: Share the vids you've made here.
[info]qaf_repixed: Find recs of classic QaF vids in this comm.
[info]qaf_music: A place to discuss the music of QaF.

A little bit of everyting:
[info]qaf_giftxchnge: A very active QaF gift exchange community where you will find posts of fic, vids and graphics from previous exchanges and info about upcoming exchanges.
[info]qaf_scavenger: A sort of catch-all asylum that frequently hosts multi-genre QaF challenges. For example a theme will be given and submissions of fic, vids, graphics, meta, picspams, etc are presented.

Odds and Ends:
[info]qaf_alumsnnews: A place to discuss the past, present, and future projects of QaF alumni and any news relevant to QaF.
[info]qaf_creamsauce: Share your favorite recipes with other QaF fans.
[info]les_bj_anic: Even lesbians have an inexplicable love of Brian and Justin.
[info]teh_daily_love: Why do you love Brian and Justin so much? Share teh love here.
[info]qaf_pets: QaF didn't have enough pets. This comm aims to fix that.
[info]queer_as_tweak: Did you just see tweak say something from QaF? Or do you want him to? Come squee about tweak's love of QaF here.

While not Queer as Folk related or specific, there are a few other places where a lot of your fellow fandom friends like to hang out:
[info]femme_asylum: Did you find the most beautiful pair of shoes ever? Find the most perfect lip gloss? Need advice about facial cleansers? Outraged at the latest contestant ousted from Project Runway? This is the place to share.
[info]forwardthinking: A liberal asylum with a political bent.
[info]bbtp_challenge: An annual multi-fandom porn challenge comm, that always has some QaF participation as well.
[info]ides_of_march: An annual multi-fandom challenge comm, also with QaF participation.
[info]announcements: Find out what is going on at Insane Journal from [info]squeaky himself.

This is not a complete list of every QaF community ever started on IJ. However it is a list of the currently active ones. This doesn't mean that the others are dead, no one might just be using them right now, maybe you will want to. You can find links to most all of them in my profile and you can check them out if you'd like.

*If I have left something off this list that is active please, please let me know so I can edit it.
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Sep. 29th, 2007

QAF Fandom Poll

So, out of curiousity, I'm wondering if there is anything that people in QAF fandom feel is missing over here? I'm not offering to start any suggested asylums, mind you. I'm not saying I wouldn't either.

To my knowledge, these are the qaf comms active on IJ:

[info]qaf_challenges (fic challenges), [info]qaf_retread (fic recs), [info]qaf_drabbles (weekly drabble prompts), [info]qaf_coffeeclub (qaf related discussions), [info]qaf_marathons (episode discussions), [info]bj_action (PWP challenges), [info]qaf_crackfic (crack!fic recs), [info]qaf_repixed (vid recs), [info]queer_as_tweak (squeeage over qaf quotes), [info]love_bj_fic (fanfic archive), [info]bjfic (fanfic archive), [info]qaf_bunnies (fic, icon, and vid bunnies>, [info]qaf_pets (um, i really can't describe this one, just go check it out), [info]qaf_icons (qaf icons, :P duh) ... if i've missed anyone, it is totally unintentional! and if you haven't joined some of these, please check them out!

Poll #442 QAF Fandom Asylums
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

Are there any LJ comms that you wish we had a similar version of here, on IJ?

View Answers

Yes, I want them all here!
2 (22.2%)

Ny? Isn't enough that you've subjected us to Queer as Tweak?
2 (22.2%)

All I need is the porn.
6 (66.7%)

Well maybe one or two...Please comment.
2 (22.2%)

We don't need their stinkin comms, but there is a new one i'd like to see. Please comment.
2 (22.2%)

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