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4th-Jun-2008 09:15 pm - Pimpage
Dear flist,

I have just finished all the fics at the current challenge at [info]bj_action. I am now going to go have some alone time. I'm sorry if that is too much information. But take it as a warning. If you are currently in a location where you cannot either take a cold shower and/or have some alone time, immediately after reading these fics, I would recommend saving them for later.

This was the most satisfying collection of fics I have read in a long time.

And best of all, they all took place during season 1. What a fantastic way to finish up the season since friday is the end of season 1 at [info]qaf_marathons :D The s1 voices in these PWPs was fabulous, and reminded me why I fell so hopelessly in love with Brian and Justin from the very beginning.

Also, please be sure to leave the author's your love. I don't even feel remotely guilty for harassing you to do this, because for once, i didn't write a fic, and i didn't run this challenge. I'm just an innocent bystander who knows good PWP when she reads it and is on a mission to make sure the writers of the world know we appreciate it.

Here, I shall even give you a handy link to the Master List for this challenge
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