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Nov. 26th, 2013

Brian and Justin Stories in My Head

My latest Brian and Justin story in my head has been zombie/end of the world type stories.

Where for some crackish reason B, J, and the rest of the gang are all in Britin facing the end of the world/zombies together.

I have numerous elaborate scenarios for how this works.

I have no appropriate icons for this post though. Actually, maybe this one. It is Britin. And there is snow. But it no longer moves. :( sad. I wonder if all my animated icons have stopped moving. Never mind. It is still moving. YAY!

Also, YAY that I still remember how to do this after so many years!

An Icon a day?

Lord know I won't stick to it, but here is my plan. I am going to try and come here every day, until the end of the year, and pic one of my userpics. And post something related to it. Why I love it, what it reminds me of, whatever.

Why? because i'm feeling sad and nostalgic for this place. I went to check up on things after the big move, and while going to some of my communities and seeing nothing in them for 4 years, it made me feel old. And I always wish I post more here. And I still LOVE my little pics. So what better thing to actually get me here and posting than my love of userpics?

So we will start with this one. It will be my default for the holiday season actually. Why? Because even though this pic is from season 4, it makes me think of a mature future brian and justin. And almost always, when I think of them these days, I am thinking of them in the future. Or I guess the present, which is what? 8 years removed from QaF? And it is festive. And I like the look of it. So I'm going with it.

Much love to all of you who still wander these halls, and to those who used to. I miss you all!