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19th-Nov-2007 09:02 pm - um, i'm spamming. deal with it.
why don't mer!babies have arms?

[info]sidhe and I were discussing it. My theory is that they born in sort of a larval or tadpole type stage. Sidhe pointed out that this would make them ass!poles. (bwahahahaha) I also think that this would help explain how they can be so tiny, allowing for triplets to be carried in one's ass, even one as sizeable as justin's.

*points to icon of mer!brine...the best of all the mer!babies* see, they are almost bubble-sized.

But i'd love to hear some other theories about why mer!babies have no arms. Maybe serial-killer!mer!brian eats them?

ps...i apologize, i can't seem to let mermaid!fic's just too romantical. and really, if you haven't defriended me by now, then you only have yourself to blame.
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