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21st-Aug-2010 09:42 pm - James Marsters
Favorite moment of Comic Con thus far? The James Marsters "panel" in general and this moment in particular:

When James Marsters said, when asked by a fan who was the one for Spike, Dru or Buffy? and he answered, "Dru. Dru. Dru." and after a pause and some objections from fans in the audience, "Spike isn't good enough for Buffy."

Sorry. I've never shipped Buffy and Spike. I won't argue they've had some hot moments, they have, but I've always thought people who thought they were OTP were off their rockers. So to have the person who knew Spike inside and out agree, well, that was just icing on the cake of my very awesome day.

I know I've argued before that the actors opinions of the characters shouldn't much matter, but I'm ok with being a hypocrite right now. :D

Pics and more to follow eventually.
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