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May. 1st, 2008

starting over

*throws self on floor and pounds fists*

i was making my first icon with the mac and the new ps *points to userpic*...and thought a texture would be nice...and then...


i remembered, those are all gone too. all the manipulations of my own art...gone. fuck me.

this sucks, yo.

oh wells. :D

btw, my userpics are suddenly loading SUPER fast. YAY!

Apr. 29th, 2008

oh no!

the reality of having lost everything has just set in, now that i am not freaking out over lack of internet access and a graphics program.

and you know what is making me the most sad? all the fic i had saved. *weeps* dude, i had ALL of xie's only time series saved. i had ALL of vamp's keeping series saved. and worst of all?? I had new years, spring fever, caprice and ritorna a me saved. *cries*

i'm sure over the next several days i will think of more things to mourn. *sniffles*

thankfully tumor!fic and framed were still in my email *clings to them*

ETA: THANK YOU [info]brianslave68...if i can ever do anything for you just ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squees with joy*

Apr. 26th, 2008


So I met with a personal shopper at the apple store today. but i didn't purchase yet. i decided to wait until monday when i will find out the fate of my laptop.

my computer access has been very limited and sporadic...as i am using my sister's and it is set in the playroom, lol. My IJ flist isn't very kid friendly i'm afraid.

i am being driven FUCKING INSANE by my inability to play with graphics.

although i have read A LOT of fic i had never read before, and that has been quite enjoyable.

But I am not a lurker at heart, and I miss being able to play in my fandom horribly. I miss it more so because a good portion of my flist has gotten very quiet as of late as well, so i can't even play vicariously through them. I know politics are one of the bigger draws away from interest in qaf, and it's only april...i don't know if i can take 7 more months of quietness until the election season ends. it makes me want to spam like hell, and i can't! so unfair. I know people come and go from fandoms too, it is natural now that i've been around for more than a year that many of the people who were active when i first joined are starting to slip away, sucks though. I can only hope new people will continue to find teh love and come and play! *licks all my new friends in the last couple of months* *licks to the old ones too, hehe*

Finally, since it looks highly unlikely that my computer woes will be totally solved by monday...any chance someone could guest host one more week? i HATE asking, because I MISS MARATHONS!!! you have no idea how badly i want to sit around on monday night and lead the squees! even though [info]happier_bunny and [info]libra2 did an awesome job as guest hosts. :D if there is a chance you could do it, please let me know. i would be eternally grateful.

ok, i'll shut up now.

miss you guys. :( *clings*

Apr. 21st, 2008


last night i took apart my computer...don't ask me why, i just figured why the hell not. so i did, and after i put it back together it magically worked for exactly long enough for me to back up all my music except for 10 songs.

now it's back to doing NOTHING. *has tantrum*

So I get exactly 20 minutes tonight to borrow my sister's computer.

i'm so fucking sad, yo. and not really about all the stuff i might have lost, because, well...i've been robbed before, and had roommates throw shit, and lost things when i've moved, and it just puts "things" into perspective, it's all replacable. So why am i so fucking sad?? Because I CAN'T TAKE BEING WITHOUT MY IJ AND MY FLIST AND MY QAF FANDOM.

libra is hosting [info]qaf_marathons tonight, and i'm very happy about that, but of my god i miss being able to be the one squeeing...i could cry. i might after i sign off. Please go leave lots of lovely comments about 115 so that when my computer crisis is resolved i can go read them.

Please post lot's of qaffy goodness in my absence because when i get back i will need to wallow in it.

*clings to fandom and flist and ij*

god i miss fic. and icons. and jesus i can't make graphics and it's making me batty.

alright, time is up.

I LOVE YOU MY FLIST. I'm sorry i do not have time to read you.

Apr. 20th, 2008

tales of joy and woe

Dear fandom,

Alas, bunny killed me and dumped my body in the lake my computer has truly broken. I do not know when my body shall be discovered how long it will take to be fixed, if it even can be. Something is physically broken inside of it. So I have no idea what my online capabilities will be the next couple weeks. I am going to purchasing a new computer, but I can't do that until April 28th at least. Dammit.

Of course, i never really go away. But i won't be able to do any graphics. I won't be able to do marathons. And i won't be nearly as active until my computer woes are solved.

So, i'm not sure what i'm going to do about marathons. I will probably cancel tomorrow night unless i can find someone to fill in for me. Although i hate to cancel, it might not be able to be helped.

ION, i had a blast with [info]happier_bunny we watched 16 episodes...yes, we are kind of insane. *grin* it was lovely. And we talked about many things, mostly how much we love brian, and justin, and brian and justin, and how adorkable brian really is, and what a giant schmoopball he really is, and how justin's extreme prettiness in the second half of season 5 nearly makes up for the brian's, um, lack of teh pretty in large chunks of s5. Basically i think i've never loved the boys more. zomg, they are so wonderful. if you are feeling lacking in the love lately, i highly recomend viewing large doses of the show to revive yourself.

Finally...*looks at flist* um. [info]queer_as_tweak. contest. drabbles. points. Season one. Prizes. Remember??? No? well go look! :D and post. and win semifabulous prizes. you only have until wed. night!