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Nov. 27th, 2013

Icon a day - day 2

So yesterday when I came back on here for the first time in eons, one of the first things I did was to hop around the various communities to make sure everything looked ok from the big move.

When I stopped by [info]qaf_crackfic I looked at the date of the last entry and was like, "What what??" That community hasn't been used since march, 2010. That is almost 4 years. How DOES TIME PASS BY SO QUICKLY.

Seriously. The serial killer mermaid fic discussion was in 2007. I couldn't even find the first one. But here is a link to the second to refresh your memory Mer!Discussion take 2

And if for some reason you feel an insane impulse to read the original fic, you can find it here Although it is a repost by some kind soul, because the original original has gone missing.

Anyway. The assorted Mermaid serial killer!Brian discussions, and pictures, and icons made from pictures were some of the most fun I've ever had in fandom. And This icon was always one of my faves. That adorable little starfish face, I'm not sure if it is a look of shock at the horror or a jaw-drop at the beauty of mer!justin and mer!brian. :D

Another discussion

Nov. 19th, 2007

um, i'm spamming. deal with it.

why don't mer!babies have arms?

[info]sidhe and I were discussing it. My theory is that they born in sort of a larval or tadpole type stage. Sidhe pointed out that this would make them ass!poles. (bwahahahaha) I also think that this would help explain how they can be so tiny, allowing for triplets to be carried in one's ass, even one as sizeable as justin's.

*points to icon of mer!brine...the best of all the mer!babies* see, they are almost bubble-sized.

But i'd love to hear some other theories about why mer!babies have no arms. Maybe serial-killer!mer!brian eats them?

ps...i apologize, i can't seem to let mermaid!fic's just too romantical. and really, if you haven't defriended me by now, then you only have yourself to blame.