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May. 20th, 2008

Vacation - the end

I guess my vacation is over...i'm on my layover in detroit. *waves to bunny*.

however i get home at like noon, and have the day off, and other than dinner tonight, have no real plans so prepare for teh spam *snickers*

On my 1st flight, i started reading domesticity by myrna. oh myrna my love for you is boundless...and somehow, i had managed miss it I believe, because i'm reading it, and it is like, TOTALLY unfamiliar to me.

oh shit, they are boarding now, so i guess i can't sing the praises of myrna anymore...maybe later.

have a lovely day flist!

May. 19th, 2008

When Fangirls Collide

Today was my last full day in DC. At noon [info]pendulumchanges called me and said, "Ny, where are you?" And I said, "Um, I'm just leaving." hee.

so we met at about 1230 outside the hirshhorn. i got there first and nervously called [info]happier_bunny and said, "bunny, i'm nervous and scared." and bunny laughed at me and then this tiny little fangirl came up to me and hugged me, and well, i really didn't need to be nervous and scared.

ANDOHMYGODMEETINGSQUEEFULFANGIRLSISSOFUN!! :D because, you know, when you walk into an exhibit and see a whole lot of paintings by de kooning and randomly squee, just from the name, well, non-fangirls just wouldn't understand, yo. It also inspired me to start a new porny b/j series. I actually already wrote the very first one, posted it long ago, the next one will be coming soon i think :D

After the hirshhorn, we went to the national gallery, which is freaking gigantic. we kind of wandered the main building and then looked a little more closely at everything in the East builiding which houses the more contemporary art, which is my preference in art, and i thank pend for humoring me. It was awesome. We played the "which painting in the room would you steal?" game. discussed brian and photography, and fanfic and lots of other fangirlie stuff.

After that we walked down the national mall up to the lincoln memorial and then all over the place that i'm sure pendy could tell you where, but um, i have no idea, hee.

then we stopped for mexican for dinner. and pend was like, ok, we are near my house, let's watch an episode...of course i thought this was a horrible idea.

we watched two :D 314 and 401 and YAY for squeeing over the adorableness of brian and justin and pretty hair with another fangirl!

tomorrow i shall be turning old, and heading home, but tonight i'm going to bed full of teh love, kthnx.

Thank you Pend! for being my tour guide and hanging with me and lot's of squeeage.

ps...pend will tell you i snort, it is true, i do. but, um, she does too, kthnx although not nearly as much as me

pps...i so need that fangirls alert icon for this post.

ppps...i will pop in to [info]qaf_marathons tomorrow, but for tonight, tweedy did a faboo job, so stop in and squee with her, kthnx.

May. 17th, 2008

Life is Good

I'm feeling very pleased with myself today. I submitted 1 graphic and 2 fics for the Challenge in two parts. And the best part? I'm really rather proud of all 3.

Of course, I spent the day at a Spa in West Virginia, so, you know, that could be why i'm all zen too.

*Does a happy dance*

You know what this means? 45 down, 5 to go!!

I am taking a moment though, to say a bug fucking thank you to Xie for hosting this challenge. It was a lot of work and stress. And I can't fucking believe there were 24 graphics, and 41 fics. I love this fandom, yo. And I just want to remind everyone, if they've enjoyed what they've read and seen, to please leave the authors and artists a lot of love. Because speaking as one of both, even something as simple as "I really enjoyed this." encourages me to keep creating. So don't lurk, take a minute to share your love, and enjoy the tremendous talents of this fandom.

I will be doing so myself. although, there is so much to read, and i'm on vacation, so it will probably take me a couple weeks to get through everything. Plus, if i commented on everything but my stuff, it wouldn't very anonymous, yo. :D

ps...i love A, she thinks it's just fine to spend the end of our day sitting side by side on our laptops, mostly ignoring each other. :D

Tomorrow. The Pandas!!!! yay.

May. 16th, 2008

interneting at the airport.

my writing process, or lack thereof.

If I have 10 days to write, here is what i do.

Day 1: roll ideas around in my head. and mostly spend time in fantasy land with the bad!fic stories in my head i'd never actually write.
Day 2: see day 1
Day 3: actually think of a real story idea and mentally poke at it 20% of my time, the rest, back to fantasy story land.
Day 4: not think about fic at all.
Day 5: poke some more. maybe write a sentence or 2.
Day 6: attempt to write something. like maybe 200 words. think it's crap, toss it out. go back to fantasy fic land.
Day 7: attempt writing for real, write nothing. FREAK THE FUCK OUT and spend all my time i should be writing online distracting myself.
Day 8: write a tiny tiny bit. FREAK OUT A LOT. write half the story.
Day 9: rewrite the half i already wrote plus another 1/4. send to beta. FREAK OUT.
Day 10: ignore all day until 4 hours before deadline. Spend 1 hour Freaking out. Spend 2.99 hours finishing it for reals. spend last. 0.01 hours submitting at last minute.

hmm...*looks at clock* i'm like right on schedule. AWESOME. :D

So right now i'm pretending I'm Kata and imagining Brian and Justin fucking all over the place. Only, I am having trouble figuring out why the fuck they came to milwaukee. I will have to think on that one and write some bad!fic or something. who could kinnetik score an advertising campaign from that would require brian coming to milwaukee? *thinks* miller? harley? midwest airlines? yeah...that's pretty much all we have here...beer, motorcycles, and the best care in the air.

You know what sucked ass?? I had this super girly pink bejeweled pocket knife keychain thing. it was like a swiss army knife, only with a pop out mirror and a make-up brush instead of a toothbrush. i forgot i had it on my keys *sniffles* they had to take it home, i know they did because one of the security girls was TOTALLY OOHING AND AHHING OVER MY PRETTY SPARKLY PINK POCKET KNIFE throw it out. *is sad* i shall never find another one like it.

ok, i think we are boarding soon. goodbye. :D