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5th-Feb-2010 08:21 pm - Goodness Gracious. Croquet Anyone?
*bounces wildly*

My SUPER AWESOME Ebay purchase arrived today. A croquet set used on the set of Dollhouse in episode 2.2.

When I opened the box I was initially disappointed because the first two mallets I pulled out had foam heads. And I was all Oh NOES! cause I actually want to use this set (i don't care about devaluing, etc, i'm pretty sure no one else is ever going to be in the market for a croquet set used in dollhouse).

But then I realized those were just two of the prop ones used for scenes where they hit someone. And that all the wooden mallets were also inside.

Including one with fake blood on it. ZOMG. How cool is that?

Plus some of the pieces are set up so they can be used inside, instead of nailed in the ground, because they were used on an indoor set. So now we can play indoors or out.


And here is a pic of Eliza/Echo holding my mallet!
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