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9th-Dec-2008 05:02 pm - Spreading Teh Love
I finally got the GF to start watching Queer as Folk with me. So far we've watched episodes 1 through 6.

She doesn't like it with the mad passion I do. But she said she enjoys it. In small doses of 3 episodes at a time, 1 time per week.

So I'm hopeful that we will get her sucked in.

But she really doesn't get the whole fascination with an m/m pairing. Which, well, she is a lesbian. Of course, lots of us are, you just have to visit [info]les_bj_anic to know that. But still, I guess loving teh love isn't entirely normal if you don't remotely even like cock to begin with.

But at least she is watching.

I'm trying to ignore the fact that she loves Michael best. And said, regarding Dr. Dave, "I really like him."

Believe you me, I bit my tongue so hard it bled on that one. I'm doing my best to not give spoilers. Although she does know the basic history a bit of B/J just from my endless obsessing. But just in a vague way. She knows nothing of s5 and i intend to keep it that way. She knows they break up and about ethan, but not when or why or if or when they get back together.

So yeah.


ION: Holy fuck has my flist been busy! It's wonderful, but how am I ever going to catch up? Especially if I'm not allowed to use the internets tomorrow cause of Day without A Gay?
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