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Jul. 24th, 2013


Why oh why are they making us wait until September 24th for Hannibal to come out on Blu-Ray/DVD? And WHY IS NBC TALKING ABOUT WAITING UNTIL NEXT SUMMER FOR SEASON 2??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jun. 26th, 2013

[No Subject]

I discovered the hannibal fandom on tumblr. It is a good source to instantly make my mood 10x better. 3 reasons why the fandom amuses me: 1.hannibal/will is referred to as hannigram. 2. fans are referred to as fannibals. 3. the hiatus is referred to as the he-ate-us. rofl. And also, there is plenty of will graham everywhere to satisfy my random hetero-crush on him.

Jun. 24th, 2013

to buy or not to buy

Hannibal episode 1 is a free download on itunes, so obviously i downloaded that one. And episode 4 never aired, so I felt justified in paying to download that one. But now what about the other 11 episodes? Because I know I will want the bluray when it comes out. So really, I shouldn't be spending money on the digital downloads. Right? But...

Jun. 23rd, 2013

Hannibal - Why I love Will

So i've been scouring the internets for Hannibal stuff. It has taken me to livejournal and dreamwidth of course. And I found quite a bit for a show that hasn't really taken off yet. (There is nada on IJ!) But still, IJ is home for me. And LJ and DW are scary places where I have no friends (or at least very few). So even if it is all by my lonesome, I think I will mostly continue to post over here, at least for now.

And who knows, maybe I'll convert some of you to Hannibal lovers! (As in lovers of the show, not the hannibal himself, i hate that guy. Well ok, really more of a love/hate relationship. More on him in the next post. Cause he is awesomesauce. And I shake my fist at him because he is also horrible!) And really, I need to convert some of you. Ratings were a bit sad for season 1. I blame it on the odd scheduling of the show and also it being on NBC, I mean, who watches NBC anymore? But miraculously we got a renewal for season 2! And season 2 doesn't air until 2014, which means you all have plenty of time to watch season 1. And the creator has 7 seasons of arcs mapped out, so we really need this show to stick around, yo!

I don't, however, want to spoil anyone who may tune in. So I'll try to be careful to keep all my spoilerish posts below a cut, or warn if something I'm linking to spoilers.

But for now I'll just start with Will Graham. That guy in my icon. And the main character. Will is super smart, like crazy smart. And has this insane ability to empathize with murders. Handy for the FBI, but also kind of fucked up. He is also rather broken. Thinking like a killer and being regularly mind-fucked by his psychiatrist, Dr. Lecter, will do that a guy. And he is oh so lovable. He has a house full of stray dogs that he saved. I want to take him home and give him a blanket and a cup of soup and pat his head.