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5th-Sep-2009 07:46 am - I can't take it anymore
People are fucking ignorant about why MILLIONS of people in america don't have health coverage.

There are many many many of those out there who work their asses off but don't get coverage. Or who apply to 100's of jobs but can't get one. I know, I've been both those people before.

And I had medical bills go to collection.

And fuck with my credit. And YES medical bills can FUCK your credit.

And I am lucky, because I had family that let me come live with them for 2 years and help me out financially so I could pick myself back up.

Not everyone is so lucky.

Seriously, if anyone on my flist starts in with the "Why do I have to pay for freeloaders and drug addicts" crap as if that is what this is all about, i'm defriending you, or filter me out. It's a free country, and I'm free to not have to listen to that shit as you are to write it. It's bad enough I have to see this bullshit from family and "friends" on my freaking facebook.

I'm so effing crabby right now.
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