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Sep. 29th, 2009

Move 1 of 2

Almost a year ago today I was so very excited to be moving into a new place. The first place that was all mine. I freaking loved the apartment. It was adorable. The location was awesome. I had all kinds of thoughts in my head about how my new life would be.

They didn't include falling in love. They didn't include slowly spending more and more time at her place until finally I just didn't go back to mine anymore. Except for mail. And they didn't end with my buying a house a year later.

I certainly don't regret any of the turns life took. Quite the opposite. But I do feel a tiny bit of sadness for dreams left unrealized. It's no win though. I have new dreams now. And if I went backwards, these dreams would be unrealized and i'd be sad for them too.

My apartment is empty. My keys are turned in. And C and I can barely get to her kitchen with all of the boxes and furniture now randomly strewn about.

I think this next month might be a bit hard. Letting go of a place I loved. Trying to get C packed up. And living out of boxes. But I know november is going to be amazing. Moving into my first home. Learning how to merge decorating styles. Filling up the empty spaces in our new home. It's going to be so cool. Sometimes real life winds up better than the one we dream of.

Goodbye adorable super cool apartment that was all me. I loved you a lot. But I suspect I won't miss you for long.