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Dec. 2nd, 2013

Icon a day - day 5

I was having trouble picking a pic, so I just closed my eyes and swiped my screen and this is what I landed on. Not a bad choice. I love the way this icon is cropped.

In unrelated news, I'm watching "chasing mavericks" at this moment. I have a bizarre obsession with surfing movies. My favorite is probably endless summer, I've seen it at least 10 times. This one I had not seen before. I will edit this later to tell you how it was. I'm sure you'll be super excited to find out.

Update: chasing mavericks was really good. And now that I've had a good cry, I'm off to bed.

Nov. 30th, 2013

Icon a day - day 4, Brandi Carlile

So since this post is following on the heels of "yesterdays" post, I naturally went an looked at the rec lists first. And I went straight to the same video I personally rec'd multiple times.

It is one of my ALL TIME favorite Brian/Justin vids. It wound up being my introduction to the woman who has become my all time favorite singer. Brandi Carlie. I'm sorry this is the only icon i have her.

There is just something magical about this video for me. The lyrics fit brian and justin so well. The scenes selected fit the music so well. The people in the video are the couple I've probably loved more than any other on screen. And the song and the singer are just amazing.

Since discovering Brandi Carlile from fandom 5 years ago, I've seen her in concert 5 times. Each time in a different venue, each time a totally different kind of show. She is AMAZING live and so is the rest of her band. One of those rare people who is impossibly better live. I can't recommend her enough. She is the only person I've ever gone on a road trip just to see. And what is even better, is C has become a giant fan as well. Miraculous because in the world of music, C and I have very few over-lapping interests.

Anyway. Here is a link to the vid The Story - Qafmaniac

And here is a link to one of my current brandi faves Keep your heart young

And a totally different type of current favorite That wasn't me This song has a tendency to make me weep when I hear it.

One more current favorite Raise Hell

And doing an AMAZING version of Hallelujah I've heard her do this one 2 times live. Chills both times.

Finally, one of my favorite performances, Cannonball acoustic at the pabst No mikes, nothing. Just a guitar and voices. I was seated in the balcony, way back at this show, and you could hear every note so clearly and purely. It was beautiful.