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18th-Aug-2007 01:57 am - too many icons??
Is there such a thing as too many icons?

Today i uploaded some more, I am now at 328. I am starting to panic. That is less than 200 left...OH NO!! what if two people post fantabulous justin icon100 challenges. what will i do??

i mean...i could get rid of some ep 510 icons. do i really need 5 icons of the same ily scene? the answer is YES, yes i do!!! they are all so pretty, how would you choose what to get rid of.

My other concern is the am i ever going to use so many beautiful icons?? i will have to spam you all constantly. reply to every post. never go to lj again because i have no time i need to be here using my pretty collection.

but seriously....they do make me rather happy, i'm going to go stare at my userpic page for an hour or so now, kthnx.
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