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Mar. 10th, 2009

It may not be official, but I'm still coming out to play.

So the [info]ides_of_march challenge is not officially happening this year. But we still have permission to wage an underground movement. Hee. And I plan on playing. I always loved the idea of inviting all the fandoms of IJ to come out and play together in the form of fiction and graphics and art. I'm inviting all of you as well.

The rules for the [info]ides_of_march challenge can be found here on the profile page. There is a prompt table you have to choose from. And a header formatting guideline as well as a couple other tiny rules. If you are writing for QaF, please use our tag -- qaf. lol. as well as any other applicable tags like fiction, art, icons.

They must be posted on your own journal on March 15th and then the header and a link to your work can be posted anytime on March 15th at [info]ides_of_march.

If you are new to fandom on IJ, you can find last year's QaF posts here.


Mar. 9th, 2008

Ides of March

What is [info]ides_of_march? It is the asylum, or community that will host the multi-fandom challenge taking place on the 15th of March, 2008.

Who can join? Anyone and everyone from any and all fandoms.

Why join? Why post? Fandom solidarity, yo. Represent your own fandom, lure new converts, lol.

What is going to happen on the 15th? Posts of all kinds, art, fic, etc. From all fandoms, as well as orginial works.

Worried about a flood on your flist? You can join and post, without subscribing. Or, it is only for one day :D, so you can embrace the flood, and filter it off if you want to get a peak at the rest of your flist.

Are there rules? There are a few guidlines to follow, you can find them [info]ides_of_march on their profile page.

How will I find QAF the fandoms i'm interested in? Everything will be tagged. :D

And you Ny, will you be posting? Yes. PWP via bj_action. A QAF icon post. The final installment of my Happily Owned Girl WIP. And possibly Ghost Hunters fic just for Sidhe, hehe.

Hope to see some of you there. :D

ides promo
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Feb. 7th, 2008

pimpage :P

ides promo

[info]ides_of_march wants you to join us for a multi-fandom posting frenzy of fic and art.
As the guidelines say... all ratings, all pairings, all fandoms are welcomed and, more importantly, wanted!

March 15th... the day fandom takes over Insane Journal!


Annoyed with me yet? Oh well. Why am I pimping this two days in a row on my own journal? Beacuse:

A) I Want LOTS of QAF, people...I want Fic. I want Icons. I want graphics. I want doodles. I want comics. :D Am I asking too much? (just be sure to check out the rules...there aren't many)


B) Because OMG *squee* you know I'm an icon whore...and this one *points* by [info]torino10154 well, I fucking love it :D and wanted to use it immediately.

i promise not to spam you anymore with this on my personal journal anyway for at least the next week!
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