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15th-Dec-2008 09:40 pm - UGH
k...just commented to one post and hand throbbing.


can't live without the internets.

today had major work done on my broken tooth. hurts like a fucker.

tomorrow wisdom tooth extraction.

*sobs more*

and still no word on the gerbils :( please wish them and me good luck. I already bought supplies for them. Which I shouldn't have. But can't help myself.

thanks plasticine_star, outlander, bunny and brianslave68 for your beautiful christmas cards. I love them so much.

bed now.
14th-Dec-2008 04:35 pm - good news and bad news
good news - i'm right handed and my right hand is just fine.

bad news - i've strained a muscle/tendon in my left hand on the top, gravely affecting my index and pointer fingers. This means I can't type. I'm doing this post mostly one handed. it is taking forever.

And so? Can't do marathons for probably 2 weeks. i should be ok with my christmas gift exchange, i can write by hand and make C type it. but other typing online activities are going to be seriously limited.

I'm trying not to cry.

I'm also having my wisdom tooth pulled this week.

someone shoot me now.

so if anyone would like to do marathons the next 2 weeks, that would be awesome. if not, i guess they will be postponed till after the holidays. please let me know if you are willing to host.

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