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Mar. 19th, 2008

Ny's deep thoughts.

So I will confess, my job allows for A LOT of time to think about stuff. Probably 1/2 the day I'm doing physical work which requires little actual thought. So what do i think about while i'm doing this? Mostly Brian and Justin. Does this surprise anyone? I also spend good chunks thinking about mel and linds and emmett and daphne and jennifer and ted and cynthia. i don't actually spend much time thinking about michael, or ben, or debbie...it's not that i don't love them, i do, they just don't perplex me or make me have deep thoughts *shrug* I also frequently think about joss whedon.

Today I was thinking the only thing that would ever possibly draw me away from QAF fandom would be if Joss Whedon were to write a tv show with multiple main characters who were gay and/or lesbian and have there be one couple that was clearly OTP from first episode through to the last. This is why I will NEVER leave QAF fandom. Because Joss Whedon will never write such a show. Because Joss Whedon, god among men that he is, does not believe in OTPs. If Joss Whedon had written Queer as Folk, Justin would have died in episode 122.

The end.

ps...today is justin's birthday in the world according to vamphile last year on this day i wrote spanking!fic. it was sort of cracky and bad...because, well, i was new, i hadn't watched much, read much, thought much and wrote in 40 minutes while i ate dinner. lol. if i write porn tonight, and it is still cracky and bad...i will have no good excuse, but i'm gonna give it a shot anyway. And you? how are you celebrating Justin's birthday.