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9th-Oct-2007 01:06 am - New addition to my weird collection of asylums
Once upon a time I asked people if we needed some more qaf asylums around this joint. and most of you said no. :( what the hell people?? There's no such thing as enough!

I digress, [info]xie_xie_xie thought we needed many many more, because she is very wise. Among them, she thought we needed an asylum for Lesbians who perv on BJ (those may or may not have been her exact words, i do not remember).

I, naturally, thought this was brilliant, but couldn't think of a name. Then, one night. Last night in fact. Xie came up with the most awesomest asylum name in the history of asylums. And I came up with some icons. And so was born [info]les_bj_anic.

I have no idea wtf we will do with this asylum, but all are welcome to join or watch, the pink posse we are not.
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