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18th-Sep-2007 09:41 pm - Cure for the marathon of pain
I stopped participating after 216. I stopped watching after 217. I just couldn't.

But for some reason I read [info]xie_xie_xie's recaps for 219 and 220. I couldn't help it. They are brilliantly done. But I can't bring myself to get more involved than that. Just reading the recaps have made me unbelievably throw myself off a cliff sad. Especially after some of the things Xie has pointed out that I was able not to dwell on or think of previously.

So yes, I do want it all made better RIGHT NOW. I'm sure I'm not alone.

ETA: I found the cure. Watch the hotel!sex on a loop thoughtfully provided by [info]my2cats, look at the beautiful overflowing with Teh Love Pics in [info]rebeccama's poll, and read some drabbles by [info]hounded and read tumor!fic. :D

ETA2:why did i think reading tumor!fic was a good cure??? oh god...brian screaming in the old rail yard *weeps*

ETA3: now i remeber why tumor!fic is a good cure..."And anyway, you don't get jealous when two puppies frolic. You cock your head, think, "Aww, isn't that precious," then when they're all tuckered out, you pick your mutt up and go home."..."Because Justin is fucking fearless, and I'm gonna be just like him some day.", all the horrible continuous pain and suffering....
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