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28th-Nov-2010 09:41 am - Rec-A-Thon 2010 Master List
Qaf Fic

Fellatio Quintet (1) rec by fun_demented.

Love or Something Like It (1) rec by Xie.

In a Book In a Box High Upon a Shelf (1) rec by me.

Today's Lesson Is and Push/Pull (2) recs by brianslave68.

Not Everything (1) rec by noteverything.

Tech Support (1) rec by Xie.

The Other Gus and Reliquary (2) recs by rainbow1907.

Hand Prints (1) rec by etextraordinary.

Reunification (1) rec by masnds2.

One More Dance (1) rec by etextraordinary.

To The Victor Go the Spoils (1) rec by rainbow1907.

Snoopylicious Scarlett (1) rec by rainbow1907.

Ampersand (1) rec by frantic_quest.

Thin Ice (1) rec by me.

Geography for Beginners (1) rec by later2nite.

QaF Vids

Broken Open and Can't Let You Go (2) recs by frantic_quest.

The Healing Powers of B/J Buttsex (1) rec by michira_70.

Until We Bleed (1) rec by masnds2.

The Story (1) rec by me.

QaF Miscellaneous

The Most Significant B/J Study in the History of Fandomkind (1) rec by happier_bunny.

Justin Taylor x 100 (1) icon rec by me.

Proud (1) picspam rec by jule1122

Non-QaF Fic

Christmas Town (1) rec by me.

Not bad everyone! There is one more rec that I know of that needs to be added after I get a link, but otherwise, if I somehow missed yours, please comment here with a link and I'll get it added ASAP.

Also, if this doesn't satisfy your needs, check out Rec-a-thon 2008 for more fic links!

Thanks Everyone!!! :D
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