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11th-Jul-2008 05:03 pm - Reunion!fic meta for no good reason. HEE!
Of all the many kinds of QAF fanfic out there, there is really only one specific type I can't stand. And any pleasure I might get from it, is completely over-ruled by the displeasure it causes me.

It is the post-513 Reunion!Fic. )

ps....i just typed this as I went. I didn't think this out. It's why I don't do meta...i mean, i barely beta my really think i'm going to beta my meta?

can you tell I just stumbled upon some reunion!fic? *shudders*

ETA: A dear nameless friend just pointed out to me that she doesn't think there really are very many post-serious reunion!fics. So it's possible i'm afraid of something that doesn't actually exist. :D although i swear i just stumbled by one earlier. now i am on mission. if you know of any post-series reunion!fics, please comment with them, kthnx.

ETA2: I have realized i don't care much at all for reunion!fic with a long (1 year plus) break period, no matter when it is set. Tosses all my meta out the window. :X
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