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10th-Oct-2008 04:44 pm - Sorry to Spam - Colors
Ok, last post today, I sort of promise.

the colors I painted my new pad...just 3 images )
8th-Oct-2008 02:10 pm - boo!
why is fandom all wonderful and fun when I'M GONE??? *sobs*

i miss everything, yo.

and today I don't even have 10 minutes online...because I'm sick.

Like, shivering, shaking, aching, sore throat runny nose, want to die sick.

naturally this is happening when i a) have 3920420 things to do still with the moving and b) am on vacation.

I can't even lay in bed and play online or watch teevee. because all i get is abc and i have no internets.


see you tomorrow perhaps, dear flist.

keep up the good work. at least i'll have lots to go back to when i finally can get online :D

ps...I love this icon. and the other one i have that says "i feel like this" but since i seem to get ill like once a month. i think i need some new material. if anyone on my flist is bored and loves me and wants to make some more icons of the "i'm sick" sort, I'd love them forever. :D
6th-Oct-2008 05:05 pm - Moving Update

I haven't watched an episode in weeks.

I haven't read a drabble in weeks.

I haven't written anything in weeks.

I haven't uploaded an icon in weeks.


*sobs and clings to flist*

I will have internet at my apartment on Friday between 1 and in other words about 6pm or so.

But I have to come to my sister's house on Wed. Night for something else....sooooo...I might do episode 220 on wed. night. Because I NEED QAF. *sobs more*

The apartment is painted.

About 3/4 of my things are moved.

Tomorrow we are going to IKEA for bookcases and whatever else fun we can find, although I'm nearly out of cash and credit due to the purchase of a new couch and TeeVee and an area rug and other assorted shit.

My old place is a DISASTER. And since it's in my sister's house, i kinda have to clean it dammit.

Thank God I'm on vacation this week!

*licks my entire flist and all things fandom*


In a day or two, when my apartment looks like slightly less of a disaster, I shall take some pics. I'm madly in love with my color and decorating choices. *pats self on back*
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