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Feb. 18th, 2018

The Best Laid Plans - Apparently I never posted this one to my journal.

Title: The Best Laid Plans
Gift Request (2011 exchange): Gen/Slice of life or PWP theme: alternative holiday celebration or decorations. I think this actually fills both requests to some degree! Thank you Orlith for saving my butt with a beta!

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Jan. 27th, 2011

Not Just Another Black Shirt

Sorry for the spammage, I hadn't re-posted this at my journal yet.

Title: Not Just Another Black Shirt
A/N: Written for highd for the [info]qaf_giftxchnge. The request was for late Season 1, before prom. Focus on Brian and Justin and the newness of their relationship. Fairly G-rated.
Beta: [info]noteverything. Thank you!

Not Just Another Black Shirt )

Jan. 17th, 2010

Gift Fic

Title: Business Casual
Written for the [info]qaf_giftxchnge for a request by [info]amelialourdes for fluffy, B/J office fix set around time that Justin is an intern but before the Stockwell crusade. Thanks to [info]etextraordinary for a super quick and dirty beta.

Business Casual )

Mar. 25th, 2009


Title: Maybe
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Drabble: 14
 by [info]fansee
Notes: Major Angst. But at least i didn't kill anyone :X. I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this. It just happened. It's so not me. But I'm surprisingly pleased with it. Thank you to H for a quick beta and C for some medical advice. Written for the Small Things Made Large Challenge.

Maybe )

Feb. 28th, 2009

The Hirshhorn

Title: The Hirshhorn
A/N: last minute and totally not beta'd so sorry if it offends grammatically or otherwise. Nonetheless, dedicated to [info]pendulumchanges. :D Written for the Sex in Public theme at [info]bj_action

The Hirshhorn )

Jan. 5th, 2009

The Proper Way To Say Goodbye

This was my contribution to the [info]qaf_giftxchnge. It was written for [info]maybe742. I was delighted to write for her since she has created some amazing banners for me at [info]qaf_marathons on multiple occasions.

Title: The Proper Way To Say Goodbye
Request: h/c (nc17) injured Brian and caretaker!Justin. Season 4 gapfiller for collarbone fracture.
Not beta'd so ya know, if you see a typo or something that will drive the many grammar sticklers in this fandom nuts, let me know, i'll be happy to fix it. :D

The Proper Way To Say Goodbye )

Nov. 10th, 2008

Goodnight, Twat

I just realised I never posted this on my own journal.

Title: Goodnight, Twat
A/N: A very quick and dirty beta and ego-boosting by [info]tweedygal *Squishes*. She can not be held responsible for my bad grammar, or general cheesiness, or inability to format properly when using a Mac. :D Written for the Choose Your Own Adventure theme at [info]bj_action.

Goodnight, Twat )
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Sep. 20th, 2008

Top Ten - Cross Post

Title: Top Ten
A/N: Cause [info]outlander asked so nicely. Written for the toppy!justin challenge at [info]qaf_drabbles

Justin pressed Brian's body up against the loft door with his own. His hands clumsily unbuttoning their way down Brian's shirt, his mouth leaving sloppy kisses down his chest.

"I"m going to rim your ass," he growled over Brian's left nipple as his hands continued to fumble with the buttons, "and fuck your tight little hole all night long."

Suddenly he stepped back, staring at Brian's shirt in confusion, it seemed to be buttoning itself back up.

"Christ your drunk," Brian slurred back with a smirk.

"Still gonna fuck you," Justin mumbled, pushing Brian's shirt up over his head.

Top Ten parts 2-5 )
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Sep. 6th, 2008

Serenity and It's Where You Are X-Posts

A/N: Brian has a secret addiction to the show Firefly but you don't need to know anything about it other than it was a sort of space cowboy kinda thing, lol. Written for the Summer Gift Quickie at [info]qaf_giftxchnge based on a request for post 513 romance by [info]catalinacat

Serenity )

It's Where You Are
A/N: PG ficlet, a sequel to Serenity. Written for the Kissing Contest at [info]qaf_scavenger.

It's Where You Are )
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Sep. 1st, 2008

The Art of Control - Part 4 of Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl

Title: The Art of Control - Part 4 of 4 of RoaHOG - It's finished. YAY!
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Warnings: BDSM, public sex, Lesbian fiction, orginal fic
A/N: it only took me 1 year to finish! :D you can find the beginning Here and all previous parts Here. Written for the [info]bbtp_challenge 2008.

The Art of Control )

Jul. 20th, 2008

Assorted Drabbles from the Rimming Challenge

Assorted drabbles written for the Rimming Challenge at [info]qaf_drabbles.

Snapshot: Linds/Mel/Leda

Snapshot )

Resident Asshole: Brian, Michael, and Emmett discuss rimming.

Resident Asshole )

Now You Know: Jennifer reads an issue of Rage.

Now You Know )

Anything Else?: Cynthia asks Brian's advice.

Anything Else? )

Justin: B/J

Justin )

An Insatiable Thirst

Title: An Insatiable Thirst and An Insatiable Thirst Revisited
Summary: Justin gives his first rim job. Set early season one.
A/N: Written for the Rimming Challenge at [info]qaf_drabbles. A ficlet in 7 parts. The last drabble is set far in the future when Brian and Justin have entered into a monogamous relationship.

An Insatiable Thirst )

Liberty Ride Take 2

Title: Liberty Ride Take 2
Summary: Justin finally gets to go along on a Liberty Ride. Full of Teh Love and Teh Rimming.
A/N: Originally written for the Rimming Challenge at [info]qaf_drabbles A ficlet in 9 drabbles.

Liberty Ride Take 2 )

Jun. 20th, 2008

Mr. Kinney and the Intern

This was originally posted in three posts at [info]qaf_drabbles and they were not posted chronologically. How very confusing and wrong of me. Now I shall rectify the situation by reposting them as one set, in the correct order, here on my IJ.

They are rated NC-17, although, by some people's standards, I'm not sure the acts qualify as sexual relations. :D Set during S3.

Mr. Kinney and the Intern, After Hours, and After Hours the Sequels, or Office!sex )

Jun. 3rd, 2008

Cut Me Open

Title: Cut Me Open
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Summary: Season 3 AU  Everything up to 306 happened, after that, things went a little differently
Warnings, if any: J/E implied.
Author's notes: Thank you to [info]tweedygal and [info]sidhe for hand holding and beta help. All mistakes are mine though. Thank you to [info]sra_black for a fucking amazing and beautiful graphic, it inspired many stories in my head, this is just one them. Text used on the graphic is from the song Bleeding Love, as is the title. Written for the Challenge in Two Parts at [info]qaf_challenges.

Cut Me Open )

May. 26th, 2008

Countertop or Floor?

Title: Countertop or Floor?
Timeline: Post series
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Graphic: [info]cam_a
Beta: [info]tweedygal
A/N: Written for Challenge in Two Parts at [info]qaf_challenges. Thank you to my beta and the artist, and to [info]xie_xie_xie for hosting this amazing challenge.

Countertop or Floor? and the graphic that inspired it )

May. 24th, 2008


Title: Lucky
Timeline: Post-513
Rating: NC-17
A/N: I wrote someone sleeping, so clearly there will be sex. I woke up and had this in my head. Just a little something, 840 word count. No beta.

Lucky )
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Mar. 25th, 2008

Early Mornings

Title: Early Mornings
Warnings: NC-17, PWP
A/N: Written for the ides challenge at [info]bj_action. Prompt: Elements

Early Mornings )
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Mar. 20th, 2008

pornellette ahead.

here is a porny ficlette...it is for [info]vamphile and [info]youbetterwiseup.

Title: Justin's 26th Birthday
Rating: NC-17
Warning: justin has bed head (this warning is just for xie, the rest of you can ignore it.)
A/N: Justin is 25 today (March 19th, 2008), in my world, in vamphile's he is 26, and in cowlip's it's probably not even actually his birthday, but it could be. Does it look like it's beta'd...bwahahahaha.

Justin's 26th Birthday )
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Nov. 25th, 2007

Justin!love Challenge Fic - The Plan

Title: The Plan
Timeline: 308 Gapfiller
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Justin and Daphne come up with a plan. Told from Daphne's, Debbie's, and Cynthia's POVs. It takes place during 308, so clearly Ethan is mentioned in passing, but no angst. I promise.
A/N: The biggest thank you ever to my beta, [info]hydrangeaceae anyone who puts up with me deserves some kind of award. All mistakes are mine. Written for the Justin!love Challenge at [info]qaf_challenges.

The Plan )
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