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Sep. 1st, 2008

The Art of Control - Part 4 of Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl

Title: The Art of Control - Part 4 of 4 of RoaHOG - It's finished. YAY!
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Warnings: BDSM, public sex, Lesbian fiction, orginal fic
A/N: it only took me 1 year to finish! :D you can find the beginning Here and all previous parts Here. Written for the [info]bbtp_challenge 2008.

The Art of Control )

Mar. 11th, 2008

Before She Was Owned - Part 1: Staking a Claim

Bad news...this is not the end of Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl.
Bad news...this is not the QAF fic i owe to people.
Bad news...this is a WIP. :X

Good news...This is a Prequel to Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl.
Good news...Recollections will be finished and posted on Saturday.
Good news...my orginal fic muses seem to be functioning again.

Title: Before She was Owned (part 1)
Genre: Original Lesbian BDSM (cliffhanger!porn)
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1664
A/N: Quick and dirty beta by [info]sidhe and i do mean quick and dirty...so ALL mistakes are mine. It's been 6 months since posted any orginal fic. I'm a bit nervous i want to vomit. Feedback would be OUTSTANDING. :D

Staking a Claim )

Sep. 2nd, 2007

Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl - Part 3: Kissing Leather

Title: Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl - Part 3: Kissing Leather
Genre: Original fic, F/F, PWP
Warnings: NC-17, BDSM, WIP
A/N: This wound up being a bitch for me to get out, [info]bbtp_challenge gave me just enough prompting to finally do so. So I won't make promises about when part 4 will be finished, only that it will be finished, and it will be the end of this wip. And [info]xie_xie_xie i'm very sorry, but yes I have written more cliffhanger!porn. Self-beta'd, mistakes are all mine. Cross-posted on [info]kinky_and_queer

Part 1,Part 2

Kissing Leather )

Aug. 30th, 2007

my muses hate me...but i wrote a f/f drabble

All I Want
f/f, 100 words, first person, rated R

It's early and I'm still half-asleep, my eyes closed to the bright morning sun. The strong hands inching up my sides are slowly tugging me into a state of contented consciousness. They are following a pace set by the soft lips and wet tongue working their way up my torso. I stretch, arms reaching above my head, toes pointing, and relax beneath her warm weight. An appreciative sigh slips out, a sleepy smile creeps across my face. She can't see it, but I swear she can feel it as she answers with a smile of her own against my skin.


i don't know why i wrote this, it's just what happened when i attempted to write this evening.

Jun. 25th, 2007

Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl - part 2: Learning to Fly

Title: Recollections of a Happily Owned Girl - Part 2: Learning to Fly
Genre: Original Fiction, PWP, Lesbian BDSM
Warnings: NC-17, S&M, WIP
A/N: For those of you bothering to read this, sorry it took so long for part 2, part 3 is already partially written, so it shouldn't take nearly so long to finish. Please comment if you read this, whether or not you like it. I totally appreciate concrit. and it is self beta'd so all mistakes are mine. sorry!

You can find Part 1 here

Learning to Fly...if you are not over 18 you are not allowed to read under the cut, and if the thought of two butch dykes and one chained up femme engaged in bdsm bother you, you probably don't want to read either. )