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May. 3rd, 2008

412 sex

yes...i have actually spent my entire day watching s4 and am now watching episode 412. I am trying to decide if i should go to bed or watch through to the end. I think we all know what I will do.

So anyway, back to the sex.

I love how Justin stresses, on multiple occasions, that Brian is supposed to be taking it easy, and yet....

not work safe...good thing it's the weekend )
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Proof that 401 is the best episode EVER :D

Under the cut you will find picspamy proof that episode 401 is the best ever!!! It's just pictures...no commentary...there are a few icons along the way too. Pretty much, i used caps from 401 as guinea pigs for figuring out how the hell to use photoshop on this thing. :D

It was love to me )
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Feb. 24th, 2008

311, Part I: Aaaaamazing!

Episode 311, Part 1, minutes 0-3.33 (yes really, that's as far as i got)

[info]tweedygal requested I post a 311 commentary. Several others asked for good hair caps/picspams. Although I'm still going to do a hair picspam, possibly not today, but very soon, um, this episode has lots of good hair in it.

So here is a cap-filled commentary. The first part. Because I don't want to kill your computers by doing this all at once. :D

Episode 311 Commentary )

And so begins Ny's 1 favorite sex scene of all time. Orange really is the new blue! )

Sep. 14th, 2007

Picspam Pimpage

The [info]bitchesofbritin just made me cry, but in that good way you really need to do every once in awhile. If you haven't yet, you really ought to go check out their beautiful picspam Proud.

Aug. 19th, 2007

very brief whinage and then picspam

*puts hands over bunny's ears because she's heard enough whining*

i miss qaf_drabbles. the last time i wrote a drabble was like 2 weeks ago. i know i'll be less busy in a day or two, and then i will have time for my lj again, and my favoritest comm on the planet, but i wish it was here because it would just make my life easier. aren't i a total hypocrite, did i not just give people total shit about complaining about things moving to ij? the answer is yes, i am a hypocrite. but only because i have been exceptionally busy on ij the last two days.

i think i need a vacation. which is ironic since i have no official job. i am however going to stuff more envelopes tomorrow And i even get to put labels on the envelopes. my college degree is really paying off.

and now - a picspam, of the scene i'm currently in love with because it makes me happy in indescribable ways (and because...could justin possibly be any more adorable?)...

fortune cookie )
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