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11th-Jun-2009 10:41 pm - Pride
Tomorrow Pride Milwaukee starts. 3 days of prideful fun. And one kinda lame parade. It is Milwaukee after all.

Tomorrow night Cyndi Lauper is the main act ... I'm going with C and my sister. It should be fun. I'm trying to be excited. I'm just not feeling it yet. Hopefully it will come.

Sunday is the parade. I'm trying to convince C we need to go to show our support...even if it is one of the lamest parades in the history of pride's still the only one we got, right?

At least I get to have some sour cream and chive fries at the fest tomorrow. I've been dreaming of those since last summer. And I totally dig that they are offering a pride package this year with 1 admission to the fest, the art museum and discovery world for a discount. That is a pretty sweet deal. C has been wanting to go to discovery world, so we will do that friday. and we have all week to use the art museum pass, so i can drag her there some night next week.

Happy Pride Y'all.
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