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28th-Jan-2017 11:28 pm - Mel and Linds
You know. A lot of fandom gave Melanie and Lindsey a lot of shit for moving to Canada. But it turns out they were the smart ones.

Wish I was Canadian right about now.

Fuck Trump.
10th-Apr-2016 08:22 pm - In which I mostly read my own fic and then watch a few vids...
I'm such a narcissist. Every time I do come back here over the last few years, if I bother to read any fic, it is almost always my own. HA!

Today my stroll down memory lane includes:

Playing with DollsAction Figures
Worth A Thousand Words
Say Yes
Business Casual
Set The Fire To the Third Bar

And then I fell down a vid hole when I went to see if there was a vid for Set the Fire to third bar. There was, but I didn't love it. But I did find this Glad You Came. Which is really well done, but much too short.

And then I watched this: A Thousand Years. Which I've shared before, but am sharing again because I'm a sucker for this cheesy song.

And now I'm watching the show...309 because that was apparently where I left off last time on netflix. I am pondering watching from the beginning again...
26th-Jun-2013 10:06 pm - QaF
I wonder what the whole gang would have had to say about today's historic ruling? I wonder if Lindsey and Melanie moved back to the states yet? lol
19th-Oct-2011 09:38 pm - The Future is Now - And I need your icons
I've been on a fic reading kick since returning from Xiefest.

Tonight I'm taking Framed to bed with me. It was one of the many fics discussed on my ride home with [info]outlander. And I was reminded of it when I was making my reservation to pick up Siri my new iphone.

I've also decided that I like season 5 Brian's hair. Yes. There, I've said it. It has grown on me. But I seem to have a lack of Brian s5 solo pictures. What up with that?

So I'm on a mission. Show me your best Brian season 5 icons. Just Brian. No text. No Justin. I have plenty of those already.

ETA: I just snagged the one on my post. It is by [info]pfodge. It doesn't fit my rules, but it seems appropriate. :D
27th-Jan-2011 09:29 pm - Not Just Another Black Shirt
Sorry for the spammage, I hadn't re-posted this at my journal yet.

Title: Not Just Another Black Shirt
A/N: Written for highd for the [info]qaf_giftxchnge. The request was for late Season 1, before prom. Focus on Brian and Justin and the newness of their relationship. Fairly G-rated.
Beta: [info]noteverything. Thank you!

Not Just Another Black Shirt )
16th-Oct-2010 09:29 am - Halloween Icons
I haven't made icons in eons. And these aren't exactly groundbreaking. But I thought they were fun. And I had fun making them. So I'm sharing. :D

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

*comments and credit are always nice, but not necessary. Please just don't use them in weird ways without permission or claim them as your own.*
7th-Jul-2010 08:01 pm - meme
I shall attempt to fight my crabbiness by naming 5 things I love about QaF. It probably won't work. I've worked 10 days in a row and have 2 to go.

1. Love
2. Friendship
3. Family
4. Pride
5. Music
20th-Apr-2010 10:01 pm - Glee, Vampire Diaries, QaF and Google
I was a little afraid that the power of madonna episode wouldn't live up to the hype.

But I actually think it might have been better than i was hoping for.

gLee rules!!

in other teevee news did anyone else think of brian kinney for a moment during a particular scene of vampire diaries last week?

finally i googled "show me where the bad man touched you" (for a reason related to the above the question) and the forth item down the page was a link to my own journal from an entry 2 years ago. How bizarre. lol.
3rd-Feb-2010 08:58 pm - Firsts and Lasts
Oh Icons. You can never have too many.

Since [info]florida_minxie just upgraded to 500, because she is an icon whorelet (You don't get to be a whore till you upgrade to 5000, sorry), I think we should all celebrate by showing off the very first QaF icons we uploaded and the most recent.

This one is the my most recent. Made by [info]kari77

I shall comment with my first. Anybody else care to share?
17th-Jan-2010 10:21 am - Gift Fic
Title: Business Casual
Written for the [info]qaf_giftxchnge for a request by [info]amelialourdes for fluffy, B/J office fix set around time that Justin is an intern but before the Stockwell crusade. Thanks to [info]etextraordinary for a super quick and dirty beta.

Business Casual )
16th-Nov-2009 08:59 pm - QAF - opoly
Today at a store C and I saw a "Make Your Own-opoly".

I said, "Oh cool we could do a mixture of all our fandoms"

And she said, because she already has 5 versions of monopoly, I'm not kidding, "Or you could make your own QAF-opoly. Brian's Loft could be Board Walk."

After that a long discussion followed.

A couple of my favorite suggestions include:

Britin would be Board Walk.
The Loft would be Park Place.

The 4 Railroads would be Babylon, Woody's, The Liberty Diner and The Baths.

The first two cheapy places I suggested as Justin's apt circa season 5, and Ethan's Apt. But then C threw in that one should be the alley/street Hunter lived in. And I thought the other should be Justin's Black Bag. Because sadly, that was sort of his home.

We both agreed Jail could be the Taylor House.

Any other thoughts? We had ideas for many other abodes..The Girls' House, Deb's, Michael and Ben's, Ted's condo, Michael and Emmett's apt, Kinnetic. Etc.

I'd love to hear what you would do with the QaF world in Monopoly.
27th-Sep-2009 07:55 am - If You Love Brian and Justin...
If You Love Brian and Justin...

25th-Mar-2009 06:04 pm - Maybe
Title: Maybe
Author: [info]not_yet_defined
Drabble: 14
 by [info]fansee
Notes: Major Angst. But at least i didn't kill anyone :X. I have absolutely no idea why I wrote this. It just happened. It's so not me. But I'm surprisingly pleased with it. Thank you to H for a quick beta and C for some medical advice. Written for the Small Things Made Large Challenge.

Maybe )
24th-Mar-2009 08:17 pm - Wee Little Icon Post
It's been a while since I posted Icons, but I made a few for [info]besamislabios and I had a couple on my hard drive. so here ya go.

Rage and other Icons )
28th-Feb-2009 11:31 am - The Hirshhorn
Title: The Hirshhorn
A/N: last minute and totally not beta'd so sorry if it offends grammatically or otherwise. Nonetheless, dedicated to [info]pendulumchanges. :D Written for the Sex in Public theme at [info]bj_action

The Hirshhorn )
31st-Jan-2009 08:42 am - Where Ny Hangs
Fandom Essentials:
[info]qaf_comingout: A QaF fandom welcoming community where you can find useful resource posts not just for the QaF fandom, but also for Insane Journal and journal posting in general.
[info]qaf_coffeeclub: A place to discuss fanfiction - characterization, timelines, etc. as well as more general topics relating to the show such as "what is your all time favorite moment" or "which is better season 1 hair or season 3 hair?" you get the idea. No? Scroll through a page of recent posts and you will.
[info]making_qaf: A place to discuss behind the scenes aspects of QaF and more.
[info]queer_as_news: Find out what is happening currently in fandom.
[info]qaf_marathons: Have an arc you want to discuss? Marathon it here and talk about it with fellow fans. Also hosts an ongoing full series marathon on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST, we are currently in season 3.
[info]qaf_bunnies: Is there a fic, an icon, a vid or some other fandom goodie you are dying to have? Post your request here, maybe you'll get lucky.

[info]_love_qaf_fic: A place to post and archive all your QaF fanfiction. Or a place to read it.
[info]qaf_drabbles: Stories in 100 words. A community with weekly drabble challenges. (probably our fandom's most active comm)
[info]bj_action: A PWP writing community, celebrating teh love through porn with different themes.
[info]qaf_challenges: A Qaf writing challenge community with lots of participants. The memories are filled with awesome fic.
[info]qaf_retread: A community that provides recs of fandom classics, both old and new.
[info]qaf_crackfic: A place to rec and discuss the crack!fic.
[info]fic_finder: Can't find a fic? Ask here. Not limited to QaF.

The Audio Visual Realm:
[info]iconics: Vote for your favorite icons in various categories and show your favorite icon makers some love.
[info]qaf_icons: A place for graphic artists to post their tiny works of art. Also has monthly themes and challenges.
[info]qaf_art_dept: Post your larger scale graphics here.
[info]qaf_vids: Share the vids you've made here.
[info]qaf_repixed: Find recs of classic QaF vids in this comm.
[info]qaf_music: A place to discuss the music of QaF.

A little bit of everyting:
[info]qaf_giftxchnge: A very active QaF gift exchange community where you will find posts of fic, vids and graphics from previous exchanges and info about upcoming exchanges.
[info]qaf_scavenger: A sort of catch-all asylum that frequently hosts multi-genre QaF challenges. For example a theme will be given and submissions of fic, vids, graphics, meta, picspams, etc are presented.

Odds and Ends:
[info]qaf_alumsnnews: A place to discuss the past, present, and future projects of QaF alumni and any news relevant to QaF.
[info]qaf_creamsauce: Share your favorite recipes with other QaF fans.
[info]les_bj_anic: Even lesbians have an inexplicable love of Brian and Justin.
[info]teh_daily_love: Why do you love Brian and Justin so much? Share teh love here.
[info]qaf_pets: QaF didn't have enough pets. This comm aims to fix that.
[info]queer_as_tweak: Did you just see tweak say something from QaF? Or do you want him to? Come squee about tweak's love of QaF here.

While not Queer as Folk related or specific, there are a few other places where a lot of your fellow fandom friends like to hang out:
[info]femme_asylum: Did you find the most beautiful pair of shoes ever? Find the most perfect lip gloss? Need advice about facial cleansers? Outraged at the latest contestant ousted from Project Runway? This is the place to share.
[info]forwardthinking: A liberal asylum with a political bent.
[info]bbtp_challenge: An annual multi-fandom porn challenge comm, that always has some QaF participation as well.
[info]ides_of_march: An annual multi-fandom challenge comm, also with QaF participation.
[info]announcements: Find out what is going on at Insane Journal from [info]squeaky himself.

This is not a complete list of every QaF community ever started on IJ. However it is a list of the currently active ones. This doesn't mean that the others are dead, no one might just be using them right now, maybe you will want to. You can find links to most all of them in my profile and you can check them out if you'd like.

*If I have left something off this list that is active please, please let me know so I can edit it.
5th-Jan-2009 08:09 pm - The Proper Way To Say Goodbye
This was my contribution to the [info]qaf_giftxchnge. It was written for [info]maybe742. I was delighted to write for her since she has created some amazing banners for me at [info]qaf_marathons on multiple occasions.

Title: The Proper Way To Say Goodbye
Request: h/c (nc17) injured Brian and caretaker!Justin. Season 4 gapfiller for collarbone fracture.
Not beta'd so ya know, if you see a typo or something that will drive the many grammar sticklers in this fandom nuts, let me know, i'll be happy to fix it. :D

The Proper Way To Say Goodbye )
9th-Dec-2008 05:02 pm - Spreading Teh Love
I finally got the GF to start watching Queer as Folk with me. So far we've watched episodes 1 through 6.

She doesn't like it with the mad passion I do. But she said she enjoys it. In small doses of 3 episodes at a time, 1 time per week.

So I'm hopeful that we will get her sucked in.

But she really doesn't get the whole fascination with an m/m pairing. Which, well, she is a lesbian. Of course, lots of us are, you just have to visit [info]les_bj_anic to know that. But still, I guess loving teh love isn't entirely normal if you don't remotely even like cock to begin with.

But at least she is watching.

I'm trying to ignore the fact that she loves Michael best. And said, regarding Dr. Dave, "I really like him."

Believe you me, I bit my tongue so hard it bled on that one. I'm doing my best to not give spoilers. Although she does know the basic history a bit of B/J just from my endless obsessing. But just in a vague way. She knows nothing of s5 and i intend to keep it that way. She knows they break up and about ethan, but not when or why or if or when they get back together.

So yeah.


ION: Holy fuck has my flist been busy! It's wonderful, but how am I ever going to catch up? Especially if I'm not allowed to use the internets tomorrow cause of Day without A Gay?
10th-Nov-2008 10:34 pm - Goodnight, Twat
I just realised I never posted this on my own journal.

Title: Goodnight, Twat
A/N: A very quick and dirty beta and ego-boosting by [info]tweedygal *Squishes*. She can not be held responsible for my bad grammar, or general cheesiness, or inability to format properly when using a Mac. :D Written for the Choose Your Own Adventure theme at [info]bj_action.

Goodnight, Twat )
30th-Oct-2008 06:26 pm - Teh Love Meme
I was here it is.

The rules: Pick one moment from each of the 5 seasons that is a reason why you love Teh Love. You can use words, pics or icons. Tag 5 others to do the same....and then sit back and bask in the amazingness that is brian and justin.

why i love Teh Love )

*Looks at the people on my flist who are far too quiet, wonders if they will even bother responding, considers possibility that they might not love the love...tags them anyway * :D
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