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3rd-May-2008 08:54 pm - QaF Haiku *snickers*
Poll #1570 QAF Haiku
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What QaF Fandom Really Needs are more Haiku

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11 (61.1%)

Ny, You've lost your fucking mind.
5 (27.8%)

I'm writing them for you as I take this poll!
2 (11.1%)

What Ny really needs is a life.
2 (11.1%)

What is a haiku?
3 (16.7%)

Should Ny start a QaF haiku asylum?

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Yes! Yes! Yes!
6 (33.3%)

No! No! No!
3 (16.7%)

It doesn't matter what i think because Ny already created [info]qaf_haiku
13 (72.2%)

I don't give a flying fuck.
0 (0.0%)

Sure, but don't expect me to join.
1 (5.6%)

I've already signed up!
4 (22.2%)

If Ny started [info]qaf_haiku i would...

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Join to read.
10 (58.8%)

Join to post.
5 (29.4%)

Defriend her immediately.
2 (11.8%)

Consider helping her out, since she doesn't even write haiku herself.
6 (35.3%)

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