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2nd-Jan-2008 05:16 pm - does anyone else do this?
I have serious issues. I'm purposely a couple chapters behind on [info]vamphile's Keeping Series. I refuse to read [info]xie_xie_xie's latest chapter of Familes now that I know it's the final chapter of Familes. I mean, there will still be more in the Only Time Series, but this just means we are that much closer to the end.

And the thought of one day not having any more new chapters to read in my favorite stories gives me serious panic. So unlike seemingly everyone else who is all "YAY" and reads them as quickly as possible, i put it off as long as possible. All I want to do right now is start both series over from the beginning before reading anything new. But my new year's resolution was to not do this, because there is A LOT of fic by other people i haven't read at all. *sigh* day 2 of the new year, and i'm already breaking my resolutions.

Does anyone else do this? or am i just weird?

ETA: According to Xie, she is Never going to stop writing in the only time series. i'm not totally convinced
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