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Jan. 17th, 2008

Just a Hello

I'm tired with actual circles under my eyes...so if i owe you comments...or if you've posted something amazing that i've neglected, i apologize. I'm hoping to actually sleep this weekend and then be a more productive member of fandom.

But I do want to at least give a couple shout-outs to some members of my flist.

[info]youbetterwiseup your mel/linds table is turning out to be one of my favorite icon tables ever. you've made me fall madly in love with the mel and linds i'm seeing through your eyes, thank you for that.

[info]ohfreckle I adore the wallpaper you made for me. I smile everytime i turn on my computer. I frequently stare at it. However...it's not terribly travel friendly :X i'm not sure my fellow passangers at the airport appreciated it so much. I know my mom didn't, rofl. I perhaps should have changed it before leaving on vacation, but i didn't.

Finally, a HUGE THANK YOU!! to the people who joined me so far at [info]qaf_marathons for 101. I had so much fun squeeing I went to bed too late, which is part of why i'm so tired! I haven't caught up all week. I hope all of you and more will be back for 102. Even though I haven't had time to respond to everyone who left comments or squeeage, i've read them all on my email and really enjoyed it. It's so fun to be watching with friends once again. Something I haven't done in 7 years. :D

Oh, and to my various flist members who are working for some Emmett inspired fun this weekend. You guys RULE! I'm looking forward to everything very much. And hoping I can find some energy to make my own contribution :D

Sep. 17th, 2007

Userpics and Tweak

*looks nervously at userpics* i'm at 456. i'm soooo going to run out and have to start deleting any day now :( i lost count of the justin bits at 330. let's just say i have a lot of justin bits.

and since today seems to be tweak says appreciation day...here are a couple new things tweak is sending me to bed with:

"Hey stud. Wanna dance?" meep.
"And I'm good at it too." *pets tweak*

i still haven't seen like 1/2 the ones i've submitted. so do keep sharing when the urge strikes flist.

oooh and one more thing. If, like me, you defriended [info]qaf_drabbles for the week, go read the submission by [info]vamphile "If you're happy and you know it" best std!fic ever, and totally unrelated to the marathon of pain thank god, it will cheer you up, i promise.