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Dec. 2nd, 2013

Icon a day - day 5

I was having trouble picking a pic, so I just closed my eyes and swiped my screen and this is what I landed on. Not a bad choice. I love the way this icon is cropped.

In unrelated news, I'm watching "chasing mavericks" at this moment. I have a bizarre obsession with surfing movies. My favorite is probably endless summer, I've seen it at least 10 times. This one I had not seen before. I will edit this later to tell you how it was. I'm sure you'll be super excited to find out.

Update: chasing mavericks was really good. And now that I've had a good cry, I'm off to bed.

Sep. 20th, 2008

Random Lyric Quiz

Because I worked today...and now i'm bored and way to tired to do anything productive about it...I don't think there is a single QAF song on this list, sorry!

Name This Tune: (all off of my ipod - although i'm embarassed to admit that about one of them)

1. "You took up all my energry. What's mine is yours was not for me."

2. "Melting the ice for me. Jump into the ocean."

3. "Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she's falling."

4. "You've been crippled and you've walked. You've been shut up and you've talked."

5. "Don't you think every kitten figures out how to get down, whether or not you ever show up"

6. "A crab scared me away, he ran close to my toes. And man I wish I had a hand to hold."

7. "Sometimes you picture me, I'm walking too far ahead."

8. "Settles me with love and laughter. And I can't feel a thing."

9."It's just that we stayed, too long, In the same old sickly skin."

10. "Then just when we believe we could be great, Reality it permeates."

Do NOT google them!!! That's cheating :D

the answers )

Jul. 14th, 2008

Does It Ever Freak You Out?

I've had my gmail for like a year now.

But it still totally freaks me out that I will send an email that mentions something random and seconds later there are are links along the side of my window to things having to do with whatever I mentioned in my email.

It's creepy, yo.

Jul. 5th, 2008's Drewsie AND George

bunny-proof cut )

May. 15th, 2008

*headdesk* part III

you will all miss my freaking out after tomorrow night, you know you will.

I have just realized that i am going out of town tomorrow....and i won't be back until i'm 31.

i won't get to read all the fic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! life is cruel.

i'm not sure if you all will get to read mine or not. it's like hmm, 2/3's done, so probably you will. although afterwards, you might wish you hadn't.

By the way, i'm convinced my flist has fallen off the face of the earth. the only posts i'm seeing are squees about new spoiler for Dollhouse. Which is TOTALLY worth squeeing over, but still...

so, since i won't be able to pimp it....make sure you read the fics at [info]qaf_challenges this weekend, and leave the authors lots of love, and while you are at it. leave some for the artists too!

OMG, I just realized tomorrow someone will be posting fic based on MY graphic. That's so freaking exciting!!! oh noes, now i am nervous about that as well as my own fic. ack. :X

ok, i'm shutting up now. not because i want to but because i have to finish my fic. shave. and pack. not necessarily in that order. oh and sleep. sleep would be good.

ooooh, and please please please visit [info]qaf_marathons on monday night for episode 119. [info]tweedygal will be guest hosting, since i'll be absent, and i need you to keep her company, kthnx. :D

Apr. 26th, 2008


So I met with a personal shopper at the apple store today. but i didn't purchase yet. i decided to wait until monday when i will find out the fate of my laptop.

my computer access has been very limited and i am using my sister's and it is set in the playroom, lol. My IJ flist isn't very kid friendly i'm afraid.

i am being driven FUCKING INSANE by my inability to play with graphics.

although i have read A LOT of fic i had never read before, and that has been quite enjoyable.

But I am not a lurker at heart, and I miss being able to play in my fandom horribly. I miss it more so because a good portion of my flist has gotten very quiet as of late as well, so i can't even play vicariously through them. I know politics are one of the bigger draws away from interest in qaf, and it's only april...i don't know if i can take 7 more months of quietness until the election season ends. it makes me want to spam like hell, and i can't! so unfair. I know people come and go from fandoms too, it is natural now that i've been around for more than a year that many of the people who were active when i first joined are starting to slip away, sucks though. I can only hope new people will continue to find teh love and come and play! *licks all my new friends in the last couple of months* *licks to the old ones too, hehe*

Finally, since it looks highly unlikely that my computer woes will be totally solved by monday...any chance someone could guest host one more week? i HATE asking, because I MISS MARATHONS!!! you have no idea how badly i want to sit around on monday night and lead the squees! even though [info]happier_bunny and [info]libra2 did an awesome job as guest hosts. :D if there is a chance you could do it, please let me know. i would be eternally grateful.

ok, i'll shut up now.

miss you guys. :( *clings*

Mar. 30th, 2008

oh poor poor me...pfft.

I spent pretty much my whole day working on a banner for [info]qaf_challenges. Now I sort of feel like throwing myself off a cliff.

I will say this. Writing for me is far more fucking easy than making banners. Which might be why I never make them. Not that either is easy for me. But yeah, whatever.

So yes, now i feel like throwing myself off a cliff, instead I'm going to go see Stop Loss with my sister. After which, I imagine my desire to throw myself off a cliff will probably have increased rather than decreased, but whatever.

ION - This was the 850th icon i uploaded. I think it is by url_girl on LJ, but I'm not positive, can anyone confirm?

ION part 2: I've been thinking about this whole perception that IJ is the place of justin worship. It is. I mean, why wouldn't you worship him. He kicks ass. But this in a way implies that we, or I rather, don't also love and adore Brian, yo. Of course I do. How can you love one without loving the other? I don't understand how this is possible... But while I've witnessed Justin hate. I never seen Brian hate. Anywhere. So I feel much more of a compulsion to stand up for teh Justin with a loud clear voice. I don't love one significantly more than the other. I just love them differently.


Nov. 29th, 2007

[No Subject]

K...I have to post one more time because I just read through the comments over at afterelton's top 25 gay tv characters.

The vast majority of the comments seemed to be expressing horror that Brian was #1. Many because these commentors see him as a shallow slutty drug-using asshole.

Um....dude, how freaking Shallow are you if that is all you got out of that character????

If you want to express horror that Justin was all the back at #3. Apparently there are people out there who haven't been informed yet that Justin always wins.

ok...i really have to go to bed now.

Nov. 15th, 2007

Tweak just said...

"Play with me!" So I'm caving. I've always been way too easy...*pauses lost in thoughts of my slutty past*

So in the last 10 days, when I wasn't journaling, i think i posted more than 75% of the people who read my journal do normally. What can I say, i feel a compulsion to share the boring details of my life with you all. Aren't you lucky?

This weekend I might even go insane and put up fandom related posts! I miss the boys, i think i will go on a fic reading binge...i feel the need for something long, and sort of cracky.

Ok, now I must really go to bed, because tomorrow I have to place approximately 250 mice, and roughly 50 rats into new by one.

I leave you with a's a nice way to get your friday started i think. :D

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Nov. 4th, 2007

It's Like Christmas

Please don't defriend me, I swear this is the last post today I make no promises for after midnight. You are all going to miss me when i'm working 48 hours a week and too busy to post 132 times every day.

Things I found While looking for my Passport and/or Birth Certificate:

1. Free passes to the public museum

2. My pedometer

3. The soft wonderful cashmere hat and gloves i bought at filene's basement in July.

4. My Passport AND my Birth Certificate WOOOHOOOO!

5. The Netflix DVD I told them got lost in the mail.

6. The Netflix DVD I've had since February, but didn't declare missing yet.

7. Disc 3 from season 4 (i've been missing it for like 3 weeks! woe)

8. Phoebe, she was sleeping in a drawer and scared the piss out of me.

I've come to the realization that I might possibly need to better organize my life.

ION: See my icon, [info]rebeccama made it, and insists Justin is raising a glass. I believe he is grooming Brian, much like a monkey. To me his expression definitely is that of a monkey who has just found a nice bug to eat.

That is all.

Oct. 23rd, 2007

icons how i loved thee...

over the last few days i had to do it...had to make icon cuts. *is beyond sad*

I was very near 500, so i could have left them until i found more, but i find more daily! And i wanted to give them the ax before i used them any more.

So now i am back down to 468. Room for 32 more...and then *sobs* i can't even contemplate what to get rid of next.

500 is just not enough.

Squeaky, if you are listening, just so you know, you do have some insane users out there who would be willing to pay insane sums of money for more then 500 icons.

Oct. 20th, 2007


I know [info]xie_xie_xie has posted on this topic more or less before, somewhere. i'm not going to go look for that though. I'm just going to do a new post.

Define Angst.

Because to me there is only one thing that actually qualifies as Angst in b/j land. And that is b and j without the /. They can be tortured, they can be miles apart, they can both be on their death beds, they can even be pissed off at each other and semi-broken up. like on a long as deep down they, the writer, and me, the reader are all pretty clear it's not permanent. And that isn't really Angst to me. it's angst. and i can read that most anytime. as long as they are fighting through it mostly together, i'm ok with their misery.

Angst is when their relationship is in serious jeopardy. when, omg, *is hiding* justin dates someone else (brian dating someone else would be called crack, kthnx, not angst) and this i can only sometimes read, rarely. Reunion!fics that aren't from canon (ie. s3 AU's) - i can't read those. cause i don't want to know that they were in need of reuniting. having them get back together 8 years later, that isn't happy people. that means there was no b/j for 8 years, wtf. and OMG NO DEATH FIC. because, yes, that would seriously put a damper on their relationship.

But you, dear flist, how do you classify Angst?

ETA: If you'd like to read a coherent version of essentially what i mean, scroll down and look for [info]xie_xie_xie's comment. i knew i should have just gone back and looked for her post. :X

Also...the point of this for me is that we clearly do not all define Angst in the same manner, which is why sometimes i get a little nervous if someone says something is angsty, because i don't really know what that means to them unless i got them to comment here tonight, and now i know what all these people mean when they say angst, but the rest of you, i still have no idea.

I think the problem is that we need more words for Angst. One just isn't enough.

Sep. 30th, 2007

Big Thank YOU & other stuff

First, today was the AIDS Walk Wisconsin, so THANK YOU ONE MORE TIME!!! to the people on my flist who helped sponsor me. YOU LADIES RULE :D Me, my sister and my niece all had a very good time. We raised around $600 total, which isn't huge, but isn't too shabby either I think.

ION...apparently only [info]xie_xie_xie and I so far think that There's no such thing as enough, at least when it comes to QAF and asylums. If you'd care to weigh in on this matter please do visit my poll and voice your opinions.

Unfortunately for all of you, I don't need very much inspiration. HAHA. So one other person is pretty much enough to get me going. Expect more useless, rarely used, small membership asylums in the future.

Finally, I bought a pedometer today. How super nerdy huh? But I love it already. It tells me fabulous things like the time, how many steps i've taken, the distance i've traveled, and it has a stopwatch, which is very handy for all those occasions when i need to time things. *pets pedometer*

Now, i've had several margaritas, so the wise thing to do would be to make like Justin in my icon and pass out. But i'm going to go read my flist. Forgive me for comments I may leave in advance. :D