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Nov. 30th, 2013

Rec-a-thons Past, Icon a day - day 3

I MISSED YESTERDAY!! Sorry. It was a holiday. I will post yesterday's now.

Who doesn't love pilgrim brian smoking a cigarette and native american justin? url_grl, no idea what she goes by now, for sure was the queen of adorable doodles. And this is one of them.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. For a few years I had a thanksgiving tradition of hosting a rec-a-thon. It was one of my favorite fandom activities. Mostly because I'm lazy, and I loved it when people would post links of wonderful things on their journals so all i had to do to be entertained was lazily click my mouse every now and again.

Now that everyone is gone, I guess I have to do a bit more work to entertain myself.

If anyone wants to be lazy, here are the links to rec-a-thons past.

Rec-a-thon 2008 master list
Rec-a-thon 2010 master list
In 2011 no master list happened, but you can find most of the recs in the comments of this post!


Nov. 24th, 2011

Affirmation - Best Vid Ever

Well, okay a few vids tie for this award IMO. But this is definitely in my top 3 favorite vids of all time. And somehow, unbelievably, it doesn't seem to have ever been rec'd on IJ. WTF? AMAZING SONG/Lyrics and AMAZING VID

So you can see the vid, in really bad quality on youtube uploaded by someone who didn't make it. OR you can go to the maker's webpage, scroll down, and download Affirmation. I HIGHLY recommend this option. Because the quality will be SO MUCH BETTER. And it is definitely worth it to have it saved for all of eternity on your computer.

Webpage for higher quality download

Lyrics )

PS. Makes me cry every single fucking time.

Vid Rec - Just Dance

I love this song. I love the use of the whole cast and not just the boys. I love the editing. I really dig this vid. :D Even if it is just light fluffy fun. What can I say, I like fluff.

Nov. 22nd, 2011

Rec #1

My first recs are the master lists from past Rec-a-thons:

Rec-A-Thon 2010

Rec-A-Thon 2008

(I did not have one in 2009, I had to work)

Rec-A-Thon 2011 Comment Post

Time for my Thanksgiving Holiday Tradition!
I'm not sure if anyone is even paying attention here these days, but if you are, share some recs!

The Rec-A-Thon is officially open.


QAF Past QAF Fic, Vids, or Graphics posts from years gone by. (Created in Pre-2011)

QAF Present QAF Fic, Vids, or Graphics posts from the last year. (Created between December 2010 and the present day)

Other Fandoms Fic from other fandoms you don't want your QaF friends to be missing out on.

QaF History Any QaF related post/discussion that you think is worthy of revisiting by old fans, or sharing with new ones. A marathon that was particularly inspiriing, a picspam that was hilarious, fic that can't be believed (see serialkiller!mermaid!brian). You get the idea.

You can share as many or as few as you like.
You do not have to do one from each category.
You have until Friday at 1pm EST.
Post them in your own journal, and then comment here with a link so that I don't miss out and can make a master list for everyone.
Your recs can come from anywhere. They do not have to have been posted on IJ. DW, LJ, AO3, personal websites, wherever. All are fine as long as they are not locked posts.

Nov. 18th, 2011

Thanksgiving Rec-A-Thon

In years past I've hosted a thanksgiving rec-a-thon. I'd like to do it again this year. It is simple. Between 7AM EST Wednesday November 23rd and 1pm EST Friday November 25th, post a rec from the categories at the bottom of this post to your own journal. Post as many as you like (well, ok, maybe we should stick to 8 or less, and 2 or less from each category). And then comment to the post I will put up for the Rec-A-Thon on Tuesday night with a link to your posts. At the end I will make a master list of beautiful recs for everyone. Questions? Just ask! And if you aren't around to make a post those couple of days, comment to this one with the rec you wanted to make and a link, and I will post for you. :D Also, you don't have to post for every category. Yes, you can even just post a rec for another fandom. It may make me sad, but I accept change. lol.


QaF Fanfic/Vids/Graphcs posts from over a year ago.

QaF Fanfic/Vids/Graphics posts from the past year.

Fanfic posts from any other fandom that you'd like to introduce to your QaF community. I know lots of you read and play elsewhere these days.

Historic QaF fan posts. What's this? Basically us oldtimers reminiscing about fantastic fandom conversations from days past. A marathon that was particularly inspiriing, a picspam that was hilarious, fic that can't be believed (see serialkiller!mermaid!brian). Basically any post that no QaF fan should have missed out on!

Nov. 28th, 2010

Rec-A-Thon 2010 Master List

Qaf Fic

Fellatio Quintet (1) rec by fun_demented.

Love or Something Like It (1) rec by Xie.

In a Book In a Box High Upon a Shelf (1) rec by me.

Today's Lesson Is and Push/Pull (2) recs by brianslave68.

Not Everything (1) rec by noteverything.

Tech Support (1) rec by Xie.

The Other Gus and Reliquary (2) recs by rainbow1907.

Hand Prints (1) rec by etextraordinary.

Reunification (1) rec by masnds2.

One More Dance (1) rec by etextraordinary.

To The Victor Go the Spoils (1) rec by rainbow1907.

Snoopylicious Scarlett (1) rec by rainbow1907.

Ampersand (1) rec by frantic_quest.

Thin Ice (1) rec by me.

Geography for Beginners (1) rec by later2nite.

QaF Vids

Broken Open and Can't Let You Go (2) recs by frantic_quest.

The Healing Powers of B/J Buttsex (1) rec by michira_70.

Until We Bleed (1) rec by masnds2.

The Story (1) rec by me.

QaF Miscellaneous

The Most Significant B/J Study in the History of Fandomkind (1) rec by happier_bunny.

Justin Taylor x 100 (1) icon rec by me.

Proud (1) picspam rec by jule1122

Non-QaF Fic

Christmas Town (1) rec by me.

Not bad everyone! There is one more rec that I know of that needs to be added after I get a link, but otherwise, if I somehow missed yours, please comment here with a link and I'll get it added ASAP.

Also, if this doesn't satisfy your needs, check out Rec-a-thon 2008 for more fic links!

Thanks Everyone!!! :D

Nov. 27th, 2010

Non-QaF rec by QaF author.

Christmas Town by Xie

The perfect fic for this time of year, and don't be afraid, there is no reindeer sex. Just love and wonderfulness.

Nov. 25th, 2010

Fic Rec

I love this fic. That is all I can say about it.

If you haven't read it. Go read it. If you have read it, go read it again.

It is post-513, QaF brilliance. Written this year for the Anniversary Challenge.

In a Book in a Box High Upon a Shelf, by Jule1122

Icons Rec

(Justin Taylor + Zaipixie)100=Awesomeness

I think I have at least 90% of these in my user pics. And probably my favorite icon of all time is in this post. Definitely one of my favorite graphics posts. How can you go wrong with 100 tiny justin pics??

And Now A Vid...

I love this vid too much not to rec it for the rec-a-thon:

The Story by Qafmaniac

Nov. 24th, 2010

Rec #1

In case I'm the only one doing any reccing for the next 2 days. I shall spread mine out. And possibly do more than my own recommendation of 2.

Here goes the first one:

Thin Ice, by valerie - Possibly my favorite cross-over of all time. Combining my two favorite fandoms, QaF and the Buffyverse.

Rec-A-Thon 2010

Rec-A-Thon 2010

Rec-a-thon is now open.

Rec your favorite QaF fics, Vids, Graphics and Meta on your own journals, then stop by here with a comment to let me know!

You have until Midnight November 26th to join the fun.

Let's spread the QaF love!

And if you wish, throw in fic in a different fandom by a qaf author for good measure.

Sorry to post early, but tomorrow will be a busy one for me and I didn't want to forget. Also, I haven't received any advance recs, so hopefully you are still all planning your own recs. I'll be super sad if no one joins me in spreading the love.

Here are the recs from 2008 if you wish to avoid repeats And And here are the rec'ing recommendations, hee, which don't need to be followed strictly, but it would be cool if you did!

Nov. 20th, 2010

Rec-A-Thon 2010

Rec-A-Thon Recommendations:

Posting Your Recs:

1. Post your recs in your own journals on November 25th or 26th. 3 rec max!

2. Please put a link to the rec in your post.

3. On the 25th I will put a post on which to comment with a link to your posts so I know where to find them all for the Master Rec List.

4. Please do include MajorCharacter!death warnings, and brief statements about why you are rec'ing. But please do not include lengthy explanations.

5. If you cannot post on those days, send me an email, ny . defined @ gmail. com (no spaces) with your rec by the 24th, and I will post it for you!

What to Rec:

1. Short fics or One-shots only. No multi-chapter fic please.

2. If you are rec'ing multiple fics, they MUST be written by different authors.

3. They must also be different genres OR written in different years. So you could do a hurt/comfort from 2008 and 2010, or a death!fic and a pwp from 2008, but you can't do 2 pwps both from 2008.

4. No Repeats! Check out Rec-a-thon 2008 and avoid repeating what is already on there! We are looking for variety and also maybe some authors or fics we haven't read before, not necessarily just our absolute favorites.

Final Note: I don't want to discourage people from throwing in a rec to a vid, or graphics post or meta, or even a non-qaf fic by a qaf author, but I want to keep this primarily about qaf fics. So throw in an extra if you like, but don't forget the qaf fic rec!

Nov. 30th, 2008

Rec-A-Thon Master List

Thanksgiving Rec-A-Thon Master List

Going Out Rec'd by Ny.

All is White & If there is one thing I know... (2) Rec'd by Plasticine Star

Sleeping With The Enemy & Willow Hill, PA, Pop. 317 (2) Rec'd by Testdog

Fairy Dust Rec'd by Xie.

The Nipple Ring & Give Ethan Some Credit (2) Rec'd by NotReallyMe.

Witness Rec'd by Besa.

Without You Rec'd by Ny.

Set the Fire to the Third Bar & Until Death (2) Rec'd by 4cupcakes.

At the Very Edge of Things & Deal Under Drip (2) Rec'd by Maybe742.

Purl and Stitch Rec'd by Besa.

Empty Chamber Rec'd by Jule.

Bedside Rec'd by DLS.

Physics, Groceries, and the Homosexual Agenda Rec'd by Firehead.

Which Hoodie?, dirty!feet Justin fic, Just the Rain & Once Upon A Time (4) Rec'd by Brianslave.

Fig and Leaves Rec'd by Red.

Lola Rec'd by BellaAurora.

Blissed Rec'd by Nerilka.

The Adventures of Sunshine and Sweetums Rec'd by Ceee.

Fly Rec'd by Xie.

The Call Rec'd by Court.

Caretaker Rec'd by Besa.

Maybe It Went Like This Rec'd by Pend.

No More Ugly Naked Guy Rec'd by Ny.

Sweetness Follows Rec'd by NotReallyMe.

The New Blue Rec'd by Tweeds.

Thank you so much to everyone who played. This was awesome. If I missed anyone, please comment here and I'll add it. I haven't read all of these yet, but I've read several and it's been so fun to revisit old fics I've loved, and even a couple of new ones.

Thanks again! :D

PS...if you follow any of the Rec links, be sure to leave the authors some love. And if you read a rec that fills you with glee leave the rec'er a bit of love too!

Nov. 29th, 2008

Rec: Going Out

Ok, i'm breaking my own rules, but only because I firmly believe rules are generally made to be broken, hee.

So I have one last rec, it's porn but so much more, written for the outdoors challenge at [info]bj_action and is possibly my favorite stand alone fic ever. I can't explain why. There are very few fics that i've read as many times as this one. I am not sure I even need to read it anymore, it's burned in my brain.

Going Out by Xie

Recs: All is White & If there is one thing I know...

These are brought to you by [info]plasticine_star

1- All is White by ryosato. It's a little post 513 one shot.

All is White

2- "If there is one thing I know..." post 513 raw, toppy Justin stand alone.
It's a stand alone of a universe that inner_justin and ryosato write but you don't need to read the series to get into this one.

If there is one think i know...

Nov. 28th, 2008

Rec: Without You

This is one of my favorite AUs, it's canon up to 510. It was written by [info]happier_bunny and [info]xie_xie_xie for the What If... Challenge at qaf_challenges.

Without You

Recs: Set the Fire to the Third Bar and Until Death

Brought to you by [info]4cupcakes1988

Set the Fire to the Third Bar, by R.C. McLachlan
QaF US, Brian/Justin
Summary: An incoherent look at Brian, post-prom.
(That is the author's note)

Set the Fire to the Third Bar


Until Death, by Erin

I was walking in the park by my house yesterday, grasping at the last vestiges of fall and taking many photographs, when I accidentally wrote this story in my head. I'm sure I forgot some parts, but what do you want from me.
Brian Kinney and Justin Taylor, of television's now defunct Queer as Folk, star in this post-series story that examines 24 hours in the life of a sick, sick boy..
(These are also author's notes.)

Until Death

Nov. 27th, 2008

Just have to say

You guys are teh awesome! So many recs already. But you have till the end of tomorrow, and don't forget you can do 2 (actually, you can technically do as many as you want since it's your journal). :P

Remember try to keep them on the shorter side, but if you absolutely have to rec something longer, it will still be teh awesome.

I can't wait to compile this master list and spend most of my saturday and sunday reading them all (along with vamp's keeping time).