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15th-Jun-2010 07:41 pm - The commitment ceremony vortex
Dear flist,

I have been sucked into the "trying to find a fucking venue" vortex.

I might add that we aren't planning on having our ceremony until september 2011, but apparently people are insane and book their venues more than a year in advance, sometimes more than 2. So we've come to realize we actually have to settle this particular issue ASAP.

I now spend my evenings looking for places that will fit our budget, taste, and size needs. No easy task.

I think i've twice thus far declared that I wish we were Lindsey and Melanie so that we could have Emmett do all this for us and so that we would be friends with a wealthy millionaire with a gorgeous house for us to use.

Hopefully this issue will be settled in the next two weeks so I will have more play time.

Love and licks to you all!
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