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Feb. 5th, 2009

Comic Books

I must confess I have another fannish love. Actually, it's not much of a confession, anyone who has been reading my journal for awhile already knows this. But it comes and goes for me and lately it's been eating a good chunk of my time and a bigger chunk of my wallet. I must admit I spent on more on comic books in the last couple of weeks than I spent on food :X and i eat out a lot. That money could have been spent on shoes, yo.

So what have I been reading? Angel, Buffy, Owly, Mouse Guard, Spike and Runaways )

May. 24th, 2008


OMFG!!! *bounces excitedly like a giant comic book reading geek that I am*

I'm quite certain i am the ONLY person on my entire flist who will be excited about this, but...

RUNAWAYS IS GOING TO BE A MOVIE!!!!!! *jumps, flails, does happy dance*

um, don't worry though flist, it looks like it won't even be in production until like 2010ish, so you don't have to worry that my journal is going to go all runaways fangirlie for at least 2 years.

*pauses and feels scared*

what if they try and make my karolina "less gay" like they wanted to do with Rage????? nooooo! now i have like 3 years to be nervous about what they will do to my comic book. crap.

or worse yet...kill the project altogether...or OMG!! not even have Karolina in it?????? like in the arc where she leaves for like 6 fucking books.

Sep. 4th, 2007

I ship underage lesbian comic book heros.

I'm a 10 year old boy. I'm sick as shit, can barely move and can't breathe at all. So I spent most of the last two days reading comics. Specifically, Runaways and I realised I totally ship Karolina and Nico.

Discussion of Karolina, the lesbian, Nico, the girl she loves, and Xavin, the shapeshifter she is going to marry )