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Jun. 27th, 2008


oh nooooooooo.

i forgot how much the scene with brian in the 'vette and justin in the rain hurts.


that is all.
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Oct. 6th, 2007

My Brian 513 Icon Tribute ... hehe.

So i've been a little obsessed with 513, particularly Brian at the very end lately. This resulted in my messing around with making a whole lot of icons the last couple of days. They are all of Brian and only Brian no justin bits! just so very wrong, and they are all from the very end of 513.

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My icon tribute to 513 Brian - 33 Icons )

*if you want any of these, YAY, that makes me my day. commenting and crediting would make my week. all caps came from KWAF. textless icons are not bases, thank you.
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Oct. 1st, 2007

Coming out of the 513 closet

I was pondering the latest topic at [info]qaf_coffeeclub yesterday, and then i watched 513 again, and then I had this realization.

I'm completely ok with it. I'm more then ok with it. I love every moment and every frame of s5. 513 included. I wouldn't trade that last shot of Brian dancing alone for anything. It's too beautiful for words. I don't need Justin physically in that scene. Because he is there in every way that matters. He is the reason that last scene exists. It doesn't happen without him, without his presence in Brian's life.

And the Brian and Justin from s3, s4, and most of s5, those two were probably not going to make it. But the Brian and Justin we see in the last episode, I don't worry about those two being together for the long haul at all.

The end.
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