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2nd-Dec-2007 02:48 pm - Help Me Please!!!
Yes, yes, i am very spammy today. get over it.

I need, NEED a fic or a ficlet or a drabble, or christ even a sentence (or 20 fics, or an epic novel) dear flist.

Specifically, I need fic inspired by this icon. even if it is totally egotistical to think that an icon i made might inspire fic.

You see, this is my favorite icon i ever made. I adore it. I adore Justin, with his ass all popped up in a most inviting way, passed out in Brian's bed, with all his clothes on, and his dirty bare feet.

I don't care if the fic is a gapfiller for this episode or something unrelated to the episode.

I just want one or 30

And I could write one, but I do not want to, because that is no fun for me.

You will be rewarded in some fashion...i have no idea what, possibly just really good karma, if you grant me this wish.

ETA: The omgilovehermostwonderfulpersoninthewholeworld [info]vamphile wrote me a ficlet. And there is schmoop and irritated caving in to the irresitableness that is justin taylor and mentions of dirty feet!!! Go read it, it's perfect *sniffles with joy*
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