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Oct. 8th, 2008


why is fandom all wonderful and fun when I'M GONE??? *sobs*

i miss everything, yo.

and today I don't even have 10 minutes online...because I'm sick.

Like, shivering, shaking, aching, sore throat runny nose, want to die sick.

naturally this is happening when i a) have 3920420 things to do still with the moving and b) am on vacation.

I can't even lay in bed and play online or watch teevee. because all i get is abc and i have no internets.


see you tomorrow perhaps, dear flist.

keep up the good work. at least i'll have lots to go back to when i finally can get online :D

ps...I love this icon. and the other one i have that says "i feel like this" but since i seem to get ill like once a month. i think i need some new material. if anyone on my flist is bored and loves me and wants to make some more icons of the "i'm sick" sort, I'd love them forever. :D
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Aug. 20th, 2008

Not a good patient

I'm sick.

I've been slowly getting sick for like 8 days. Yes I remember the exact moment my nose first dripped, it was 8 days ago.

But now I'm like really sick. Like all night I would dream about my throat hurting, and then I would wake up and it would hurt, so I'd go back to sleep to try not and think about it, but I'd dream I had a sore throat. *sob* no relief.

Now I'm all sore throat and burning eyes and sore muscles and runny nose.

And I CANNOT call out sick. Know why? Cause um, like a month ago I called out sick to sit around and write drabbles all day. And on monday I have an interview for a promotion. So I can't call out sick. *sobs*

So now I'm going to go curl up and die. and it will be all [info]xie_xie_xie's fault for killing me with stories of ethan's and sam's tiny dicks and flabby bellies.

Goodbye dear flist.